I cant stand: Flickin

November 19, 2013


“On my blog…you know?
That’s where you come to read “e”
Rotation’s bangin and my blog is Flyyyyy”

I can’t stand when…

People take too long to order at fast food places

In the drive thru…go inside…
“May I take your order?”
HEY! The menu aint changed fucktard


Gay Rights

…why is gay? Gay?

Leave these people alone…why in the world would people want to police other people like that
There shouldn’t even be a group
“GAY” isn’t a life style…Gay is a sexual preference
There’s no difference between “Gay” and “Heterosexual” people except who they choose to be intimate with
That’s not enough to segregate people and get Government allup in it and marriage ban and shit
Damn, it has nothing to do with you

As a Lesbian myself I say dowhatchalike


Man being pronounced “Main”

Shout outs to Terrance Howard
How did this catch on? People do this on purpose…that aint cool, it’s dumb. And I want to push him down in a pile of pregnant roaches


Where the hell do these come from?
I’m chillin…feelin good…lookin good go to reach for something and my hand slides up against…OW!
Little piece of shit! Where are my nail clippaz?
Ewwwww some people bite them off

Ever have a Toe Hangnail? How does THAT happen? Rugged socks?

What about when you try and get it off and it pulls and gets longer? Ewwwwww ouchy!

“Brothers and Sisters”

Shut up. That’s dumb
ESPECIALLY when they slap a “a” at the end of it
Black people always wanna add a damn “a” to something to make it sound cool…speech impediment ass MFrs

What’s worst is when non black people use it to describe Black people
“I have this one friend…he’s a ‘brother'” Oh shut up, you’re too afraid to say “black”?

And why is that universal for black?

When white people talk about their white “Brothers” they are racist LOL

Speakin of which…


Cuz you got natural hair and an ankh tattoo?
Shut up.

Cuz I aint all “pro black” and wear sandals with toe rings that means I’m less black?
…I’m Burnt sienna alladasudden?

Is everyone else Comatose cuz you “conscious”?


(I know I’m being stereotypical…its in jest *mostly* I know all “conscious” people aren’t the same…I just think its dumb to be be called “conscious”)

When the damn booger won’t come off

I’m pickin it…
In traffic (Cuz that’s what you do)

And it won’t come off!
Cant flick, Roll, wipe LOL damn you booger!!!

That One French fry in my Onion Ring Carton
…mannn get out of here!

And it’s either alll extra hard or wobbledy wobbleddy soggy


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Peeeeaaace (ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!)

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