Podcast: EDP302 – Virtual Fisticuffs

November 20, 2013


Fighting games, Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat to Soul Calibur and a lot in between, what I played, favorite characters, memories and randomness
No guests, no fluff, just fun … lets reminiscence.

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  • CTJamaican

    Good show, as usual. You brought back a lot of memories(staying on the controller for hours playing Tekken 3 against my friends). Also I forgot all about Bushido Blade……

  • juggernautlb

    ok. you made me dig through my boxes for my old games. I still have my dreamcast and play xmen: children of the atom. how you gonna disrespect Magneto!? hardest boss battle ever. all good though. my boy and I used to listen to the soundtrack of eternal champions when the radio was dull during college in the dorm. great show as always.

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