NowEyeKnow: Credit

November 27, 2013


Why didn’t they tell me…????

College is cool but…you can and will starve

Debt is a real

Sex without a condom and sex with a condom does NOT feel the same … never ever go without! lol

Leasing a vehicle is NOT the way to go


Grades 4-12 will be the greatest years of your life

Shopping is so much fun

That preparing for work (college) is NOTHING compared to actually FINDING work (post college)

Women don’t want to be approached unless its on their terms…that the guy is totally oblivious to

Aint nothing at the club cept over-priced drinks and ignorance.

Pay MORE than your credit card’s minimum


Folding fitted sheets is NOT a simple task

Buying Toothpaste and Toilet paper will be annoying tasks

You will never outgrow pizza

They fake orgasms

When you get old, moles just pop up out of nowhere

The older you get, the more things make you poo


You will use 8% of the actual things you studied in your major when you get a “real” job

You cannot call a fat woman fat

Nothing in a shiny wrapper that taste good is good for you.

Once you have to pay for heat and lights, you start to turn things off and care a little more.

That good feeling when new music comes out is not going to last

A new pair of shoes is therapeutic

Q Tips are orgasmic


The NBA is going to suck and be near unwatchable

If you hang with 9 broke friends, you’re bound to be the 10th one.

Those free T-shirts in college for signing up for Credit Cards will come back to haunt you.



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  • juggernautlb

    that’s why I can’t eat tacobell and papajohns any more. lol.

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