Top 10 Kool-Aid flavors

March 12, 2014


There was a time when Kool-Aid was everything, I’m from the Kool-Aid man bursting through brick walls scaring kids and yelling “Oh Yeah” … while not spilling any debris in his head era.
… Why didn’t the kids ever tip him over and drink him?

Anyway, I remember my mother always keeping a fresh jug of Kool-Aid in the fridge … never had the frosty picture to draw the face, OR the officially sanctioned pitcher with the face already there … sighs.

I also remember when I was allowed to make it myself I NEVER EVER measured the sugar … straight poured it out the bag; yup, that looks about right.

So I figured I’d rank the Top 10 best Kool Aid Flavors … now I stopped at the 90s because after a while they just got crazy with the flavors, so I just went old school, anyway, here we go …

10. Black Cherry


Little known flavor … people slept on Black Cherry, it was the perfect mix of sweet and tart; of course the amount of sugar you added mattered.

9. Rock-a-Dile Red


Not a big difference in flavor but it was one of the few 90s flavors that made an impact, it was the last to feature a character alongside the Big Jug

8. Grape


The Classic, one of the founding fathers … it’s this low because it was so old AND because we found out later that Grape was best when mixed with other flavors … it was the ultimate base.

7. Pink Lemonade


This was our introduction to Pink lemonade, all lemonade was yellow until this, you almost still cannot find that pink … maybe it was a mental thing, it just tasted better.

6. Red


That’s the name, we judge all who call it the “C” word … not even showing the packet, only the color … this is the OG, and clearly the only flavor that The Big Jug drank

5. Rainbow Punch


Rainbow punch came out around the time Rainbow Now & Laters dropped … both great, both a mix of flavors we didn’t quite figure out, we just knew it was great

4. Great Bluedini


The first of the color changing Kool-Aid flavors …we never had blue drank before, this is when companies ushered in antifreeze as an acceptable color for raspberry

3. Mountain berry Punch


Mountain berry Punch was incredible, we had no idea what mountain this came from but it was the first Kool-Aid that really smelled good, it didn’t taste like anything else that dropped and it didn’t taste like a straight mix of any two flavors, it had to be a 3 mix

2. Purplesaurus Rex


Everyone knows the greatest Kool-Aid mix was Grape and Lemonade … Kool-Aid knew it as well, so much so they gave us Purplesaurus Rex … it was the best of both worlds add Sugar.

1. Tropical Punch


Tropical Punch lands at number one because when it came out, it trumped all the other flavors (This is before the Bluedini and Rex, etc.) once we only had Grape, Red, Orange, etc.) When Tropical dropped it changed the game… it was also when Tropical punch was in every candy at the time … If I were to drink Kool-Aid again, this is the flavor I’d run to.

That’s the list, agree? Disagree? Let me know

Shout outs to: Berry Blue, Apple, Sunshine Punch, and Watermelon-Cherry

… remember collecting the Kool-Aid proof of purchase points?


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  • Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    told my mom last week that the only thing she needs to leave me in her will are the two Kool Aid pitchers and the 4 plastic cups. My siblings can fight over everything else while I sip on some Bludini.

  • Teejay

    This brings back a lot of memories. We always had Kool Aid, especially in summer. I was a member of our local Kool Aid club, complete with badge and all. I even had the stuffed Kool Aid man toy!

  • Joe Leicht

    Tropical punch, yes. I concur. Sometimes I mix a packet of orange with the tropical punch and that gives it some extra zip.

  • AdditheDaddy

    fucking purplesaurus rex can get itws cock sucked

  • AdditheDaddy

    god i’d suck all the grape lemonade kids right out of his huge purple boner

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