Dented cans and Dating

September 1, 2010

If a woman says she just wants to be friends, she’s not attracted to you
Personality means next to nothing if you don’t meet her physical requirements

Now why don’t women come out up front and just say, look I don’t find you attractive, I’m superficial and you have to look a certain way for me to be happy.

Now all of this goes out the window is you’re kinda attractive but you trick off…most will deal with that
THEN if you have a good personality it MIGHT wear on her and then she MAY begin to like you
…none of that will last though


After the woman has 3 – 4 childrens…or been dogged out by the sexy men…or gets old enough to realize that maybe her standards are too high and she’s still alone

THEN that ‘good guy’ might have a chance

But at THAT point you’re a dented can in the grocery store…don’t nobody want you.

No matter how many times you try to explain this, it always has to play itself out but for the 15% of women that message actually reaches…those are the dope women

If a man will not ‘commit’ to you he feels he can do better than you.

It’s that simple.

Now the difference is, a man COULD commit and then find someone better and then break up with you and go with that other person…but men would rather not have the headache of going through the relationship and break up

Men are visual but women are WAY more superficial than men, because

A woman can get by with a pretty face and an ok body

A Slamming body and an Ok face
…depending on the guy a woman can get by with large breasts or a large behind
…depending on the guy a woman could get by with really pretty eyes and skin

A woman could work anywhere from a leading law firm to the local Popeye’s…if she has anything that catches his eye he’ll try and get at her.

A man working at Safeway is getting no play from a woman that’s there shopping…EVEN IF SHE works at Target herself! LOL


Men are slime, we’ll date woman after woman…try and sex anything sexy, that’s what we do
…it’s nothing malicious or intentional it’s literally hardcoded in our DNA

There is a way to prevent this from happening however…treat the man right in all aspects of how you relate to him and he’ll stay…he’ll still WANT to sex anything sexy…but he wont.

But some women don’t know how to ‘treat the man right’ I’ll help…I’ll give you a quick 4

1. Leave him alone
Not all the time, I’m just saying a man doesn’t want to be in the mix and have his ear talked off all the time, he doesn’t want to have to call everyday and be on the phone for hours or see you every minute of the day.

2. Spend some money
Women tend to think their money is their money and the man’s money is community property, stop it
Show up with groceries and a DVD sometimes
Get tickets to a Comedy show
Buy him a just because gift…a man gets tired of trickin off sometime…and he’ll spend more on you when he feels he’s appreciated.

3. Be seductive
It could be as simple as excusing yourself to the bedroom or the bathroom and come out braless in a beater and boy shorts.
Invite him over and have some music playing and something light to eat…set a mood, be spontaneous
Make the first move sometime!

4. Show interest in what he likes
He has to do it for you…all men aren’t like ME (I like to shop and watch project runway, and know the difference between racerback and spaghetti strap lol)
But if the guy likes video games…play wii together
If he likes Football sit there and watch…play madden and ask questions (unless he’s an ass and gets annoyed by that)
If he likes to cook…prepare a meal together

The thing is there are WAY more immature men and ‘no good men’ than there are ‘good men’
…and there are WAY more ‘good women’ than ‘no good women’
The thing is since the numbers sway that way all the ‘no good men’ are turning the ‘good women’ ‘no good’

Good reading would be Do women know?
…posts written by ME! lol

  • Valencia

    Great post. I agree with the just about everything. I will say that there are times when a woman says that she just wants to be friends and it is not because she is not attracted to you. I had a guy friend that I was attracted to but, at the time, I was in love with someone else. I did not think it would be fair to him to get involved. Had that not been the case things could have been different.

    P.S.-Glad you are posting. I missed my Eclectic fix.

  • MsPrincessKey

    I think women know these things but they are usually too busy listening to their man hating friends.
    I can say the majority of the time I tell I guy I want to be just friends is because I’m enjoying being on my own and doing my own things. You never complain about a place you decided to go, you just leave.
    Thanks for posting we miss you here.

  • 12kyle

    Dead on point, E! This whole post was nuffin but the truth.

  • JustMe

    Great post and totally on point!

  • TheDame

    Good post. I used to be a member of the board years ago and just visited again today. Still the same leg man! LOL. Still the same great posts. And I agree w/MsPrincessKey about the man-hating friends. Toxic to any friendship/relationship.

  • Tony (@Tekknight)

    *starts up choir* PREACH!

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