2014 Fall TV – (What’s eclectik watchin)

August 27, 2014


We all know I watch a lot of TV … I talk about it, I Tweet about it (@eclectik) … and I share my TV schedules every season, so … this will be nothing new, have some, take a look!


8:00 Gotham (FOX)
A Batman show without batman, not sure how they will make it work, but I’m going to watch.

8:00 The Voice (NBC)
I couldn’t watch the last season because I hate usher, but I like Pharrell and Gwen

9:00 Scorpion (CBS)
A bunch of nerds who form a team to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

10:00 NCIS LA (CBS)
I still watch as a background show, and mainly because of Daniela Ruah

10:00 The Blacklist (NBC)
Top 5 best shows on TV, hope they don’t make Red the father though.

10:00 Forever *** (ABC)
NYC Medical examiner who cannot die, studies the dead to try and figure out why/how he’s immortal.

Monday Night Football
Of course.


I am not watching a TV show called “ Selfie.”

8:00 The Flash (CW)
The most anticipated show this fall for me, even considered doing a podcast for it, hope its good … a lot of DC villains are scheduled to appear, this is great for me.

9:00 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)
After The Winter Soldier movie this show got good, here’s hoping it doesn’t revert to suck.

9:00 NCIS New Orleans *** (CBS)
I’m going to give this a try; it has Scott Bakula and Bourbon street!

10:00 Persons of Interest (CBS)
One of the best shows you’re not watching … Sara Shahi and Amy Acker are great

Utopia?? … not sure I’m going to try it.


8:00 Survivor (CBS)
It’s tradition at this point, gotta watch Survivor!

8:00 Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
This show is getting worse, it’s almost time to end it, it’s not even believable anymore … but I’m going to watch one more season.

8:00 Arrow (CW)
Best show on TV (If you’re a comic book fan) … if Season 2 is any indication, this season will be great
(Still want a Birds of Prey spinoff)

9:00 Black-Ish *** (ABC)
Dumb name, but it has Tracee Ellis Ross so I’m going to give it a few episodes.

9:00 The 100 (CW)
No one watches this but me and the cast’s family … I hope it gets better.

10:00 Stalker (CBS)
LAPD investigating: Voyeurs, Stalkers, and oddballs who target women and do bad things … interesting, plus we get Maggie Q


9:00 Scandal (ABC)
Last season floated on name value, it wasn’t really good at all, I hope it gets back on track now.

9:00 The Blacklist (NBC) – Time Change
Putting it up against Scandal is not a bright move …

10:00 How to get away with Murder (ABC)
They are trying to recapture Scandal … this class or something gets caught up in a murder plot and must figure out how to get away with it. I’ll watch but, we will see.

10:00 Elementary (CBS)
For Lucy Liu only.

Allegiance ** (NBC)
CIA Analyst whose parents turn out to be Russian spies, Plus Annie Ilonzeh? I’m in.


Thursday night football
Of course.


8:00 The Amazing Race (CBS)
The day/time change may get me to watch it again; 60 minutes killed it on Sundays

8:00 Master Chef Juniors (FOX)
I don’t like kids because they are mostly useless, but these can cook, so that’s a thing.

9:00 Shark Tank (ABC)
Great show, I wish they’d be honest with the investments that then flop though.


8:00 Once upon a time (ABC)
Love the show … well I love the Evil queen; I’m still in to it.

8:00 Madam Secretary *** (CBS)
Former CIA Agent turned Sec. of state … I will give it a shot

9:00 Resurrection (ABC)
Interesting show, the first season had some open ended questions, I’m going to watch for some answers

10:00 Revenge (ABC)
Is there anyone else that she needs to get revenge on? Why hasn’t she just moved? I’m going to keep watching though.

8:30 Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX)
Love the show, but Sunday time slot assures it will be watched 6-7 on Mondays.

9:00 Family Guy (FOX)
Tradition at this point.

9:00 Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
There is no rational reason why this should be the final season, it’s one of the best shows on TV, and one of the best HBO series period.

9:00 Homeland (SHO)
I hope they right the ship here … we need another mystery or conspiracy …

9:00 Mulaney *** (FOX)
Supposedly a Seinfeld knock off … it has Nasim Pedrad so I will give it a shot
(And Elliot Gould and Martin Short)

10:00 The Affair (SHO)
Told from alternating male and female perspectives, The Affair examines the emotional and psychological effects of infidelity on two different marriages.

Sunday Night Football
Of course.

Survivors Remorse (Starz)

LeBron James is producing TV shows
… it’s about a Basketball player who got his contract, it’s like Power but basketball and it has Mike Epps and Tichina Arnold, so I will watch whenever it comes on.

That’s it for the most part, not sure when The Newsroom comes back, or Top Chef … I think the USA shows are mostly summer, hell I don’t know I will be tweeting about these shows

What are you watching with me?

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  • https://www.facebook.com/howie.decker.3 Howie Decker

    That’s a lot of got damn tv. I like the logos you made for each day, Thursday has a “very special episode of Miami Vice” feel to it. I need to get back on Blacklist, wife and I liked the first handful of eps but fell off. Arrow, Flash, SHIELD, it’s a great time to be a nerdy tv fan. What night we gonna slot that MOTUGoT on? Thinkin Sunday at 10pm. #MustSeeMOTU #noOrko

    • eclectik

      LMAO @ #noOrko
      Stop falling off the damn shows! I blame you, the wife can do no wrong

  • Cam’ron

    what about jane the virgin? Gina rodriguez doing the damn thang.

  • http://www.thekliqnation.com Timdogg

    I’m most interested in Scorpion. I need to start setting the DVR so I don’t miss these shows.

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