Top 10 Best Halloween Treats

October 7, 2014


We grew up in simpler times … times when kids could (kinda) trust people giving out candy and visiting houses (outside of their home neighborhood) … I never enjoyed Trick or Treating … as a kid I was like, let’s just buy the candy, sit at home and watch The Great Pumpkin … it’s cold out and I got school tomorrow.

And I gotta wear a costume?

See I grew up in the hard plastic mask, with the too tight rubber band held on by two staples, small breathing slit in the mouth … plastic smock for the rest of the costume era.
Not very imaginative … not a happy time.

You’d still have jeans and sneakers and a jacket on …feh.

Anyway, in my day these were the best and the worst candies you could get on Halloween … I’m sticking it to edibles, the people that give out pennies and toothbrushes should burn anyway.


10. Kraft Caramels


These were good because they were quick to eat and caramel is always great … clear plastic is always a plus.

9. Fruit Tootsie Rolls


As a kid, who knew there were flavors?! I was always used to regular old ‘I’m not sure this is chocolate’ tootsie roll … like is tootsie a flavor (or just a movie) … it’s not quite chocolate; anyway … when I saw Vanilla I was sold!

8. Smarties


More nostalgic than delicious … but when you’re really little you con yourself into thinking it’s more candy … and when you took (snuck) your candy bag to school the next day THOSE were prime throwing candy … especially when/if it was movie day in class and the lights went out.

7. Skittles


The “fun size” pack that you got 8 skittles … quick and easy to eat … skittles are the premiere bite size fruit candy.

6. Charms Blow Pops


Especially that year they came out with the Blue Raspberry … if your house gave out the blue raspberry blow parts … we’d do a lap switch masks and comeback.

5. Now & Laters


The decline of Now & Laters is disgusting, it was once THE Candy … they had more flavors than Kool-Aid … this is back in the Rainbow, Mystery Mix, Tropical Punch era … the long packs, the clear wax paper wrapped greatness… not these tiny never chewy joints.

4. Starburst


The two pack were great because the package people gave you more strawberry … and if you got the double strawberry you won the night

3. Laffy Taffy


Again, this is back when Laffy Taffy were the size of a baby’s fist … and they had the Banana, Sour Apple, Tropical Punch, and raspberry flavors … so good.

2. Reese’s Cups


We all know why these were great, the only drawback were if they melted … oh, and it was a 1 pack; TF wants a 1 pack? I guess it was better back then … we didn’t have to put up with those mini pieces of crap in the gold foil wrapper.

1. King Sized Snickers


…and not those two pack “king sized” the big ass long ass candy bar
Really you ruled the block if you gave out King size anything, but King Sized snickers was the Cadillac of Halloween Candy … there was this one neighborhood that had about 5-6 houses that gave them out … people would drive 15-20 minutes to that neighborhood to trick their proverbial treats.

Special shoutouts to Sixlets … people hated them but I thought they were great, I also enjoyed Bit o Honey (Don’t judge me) … and of course the Root Beer Dum Dums!


Top 10 WORST Halloween Treats

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  • Jason G

    I got mad love for Sixlets. About the only chocolate candy I liked besides peppermint patties.

    Reese’s cups were a crap shoot. I never wanted them melted or previously melted. Give me the pieces.

    My faves were mainly the fruit flavored stuff. Skittles would probably be my number one.

    • @eclectik

      People sleep on Sixlets … I loved them
      Peppermint patties? ew.
      NEVER pieces … Ive always hated pieces

      The fruit Tootsie rolls are greatness.

      • Jason G

        The fruit tootsies are good. No one liked the vanilla kind but i always comboed that with a chocolate and it wasn’t so bad.

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