iThink: Cryin James Plaza

October 10, 2014


Look who’s back to posting!

Its not meant for me to win at Fantasy Football this season

New TV shows are pretty good so far, new post soon.

Steak is so good … Bone-in has better flavor, but I never truly clean the bone.

… clean the bone.

My crushes are all getting pregnant by people who aren’t me, probably for the best … but Damnit Zoe, THIS guy?


… looks like a part time magician who plays bass for a Ween coverband … who also wrestled in the early 90s.

I mean, NOTHING is going on but the rent?

How did we regress so bad in popular culture? Al the TV shows we used to watch couldn’t be made anymore … and what’s with public apologies? ugh.

I haven’t typed much on the site in a while, no one has noticed … it’s cool though. #NotReally

Snake eyes … for Cobra? Nope! I STILL wont like him … nice idea though.


My building doesn’t have a 13th floor … hey stupid, the 14th floor is the 13th floor!

I’ve never had a pistachio … I hear they are good, I dont care (Almost like Jimmy and his corn cracking)

… why would anyone care about Jimmy? and is it corns on his feet? Now if he popped corn I’d care because you cannot smell popcorn and not want any

I’ve had a huge dinner, then went to the movies, and as soon as that smell hits I’m all “Hey, lets get pop corn”

People are really identified by their twitter handles … like news anchors and celebrities during interviews, their @ is right under their names … sheesh.

Bring Mars bars back … they were great


I dont know WHY it’s taken me so long to get Evernote … it’s so great.

I know my podcast isnt as “regular” as everyone elses but, when I DO put a show out, it’s better than most … just sayin.

… and it’s not my fault I’ve already said everything lol

Mountain Dew has a new lemon flavor … I’m a fan.

You know what I miss about wrestling? I’ll tell you … back when they would give a wrestler a pre-existing injury and it would be why his moves were so effective; like “He has a metal plate in his head … that’s why the headbutt is a finisher” … or “He has a steel rod in his forearm, THAT’S why his clothes line is better than everyone elses”

Aubrey Plaza is dope … Im a fan.


Cold cuts … such thing as hot cuts? and would they sell like hot cakes?
… and is McDonalds the only ones selling hotcakes?
… and are they REALLY selling well when McDonalds stops selling them at like 10am?

But when I show up at work they ask me to do stuff, damn can’t I just chill??

Spicy nacho is the ONLY flavor of Doritos that matters … you disagree then shut up.

Why is James Cryin?

I can only imagine the hilarity if Vine existed in the 80s … so many great memories would be preserved.

of COURSE I have an iphone 6, not a fan of the size really … but I had to have the latest; and Id be damned if I got that wireless keyboard size 6 plus

No one bothered to tell Lion-O to comb his hair.
… is that fur?
… then why is it a different color?

I like Dots but they get stuck in every single tooth available.


I pretty much created the random thoughts blog posts … and if I didnt (but I did) I perfected it.

People use “gosh” as in “Oh my Gosh” … TF is “Gosh”?!

Really? Why give a person a D … it’s pretty much the same as a F

I tried Peruvian chicken for the first time … tasted like feet; not a fan.


Creme soda is underrated … and where is the ‘a’? and what’s with the extra ‘e’?


I need new movies that I care about.

I cannot bowl (Cept on the wii) … I go though, laugh if you want; I’m grown.

Chocolate chip + pecan cookies

Pretty face > Pretty much all those body parts
… that doesn’t mean I’d date a fine as disembodied head tho.

… wait, well how fine is said head?

K, luv you bye bye.



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  • HowardTheDeck

    “I like Dots but they get stuck in every single tooth available.” PERFECT.

    Great post. All fun thoughts to read. Nobody notices when I stop posting either. That or they don’t care enough to ask/mention it. I think Elton John and Kiki Dee sang a song about us.

    • Jason G

      Not because I’ve been trying to feed you content, Howie (LOL) but yesterday I was like “where’s the three-for-all”? Seriously, I look forward to it each week now. Guess I don’t know the line between careful mentioning vs calling out.

      • HowardTheDeck

        Yay you noticed! See e, I think people notice they just figure we have lives and don’t have time to write. If they only knew…

        • bmorin54

          I noticed too! Even though I never got around to commenting on the week before’s questions.

          • @eclectik

            We have a strong core group of 5 that cares LOL!

            … and yes Dots, great … but they try to replace your gums

  • Jason G

    Randomness = Blog Gold

    Sweet Chili > Spicy Nacho
    Always wondered why some cream soda is tan and some is red. Don’t taste any cherry.
    They used Storm Shadow as a Joe so why not make Snake a Cobra? #Logical
    I HEART EVERNOTE. Works well in traffic.
    The “Dunked On” vid reminds me of like playing Nerf basketball in my bedroom.
    One of my longterm goals in life is to bowl a 200. If I do, I’ll quit and never play again

    • HowardTheDeck

      my high score = 203. Never been close again. And that was in a league (yes, I bowled in a league) where my average was 140. They called me sandbagger until they realized I could never do it again.

      • @eclectik

        My High Score … oh ummm 115 or something, I blow.

    • @eclectik

      Sweet Chili? Isnt that bag like purple or something? Get that purple bag out of here!
      Barq’s red creme soda is incredible sauce!
      Eff Storm Shadow, once he went Joe I hated him
      Evernote is life

      Captain Poopy Shoooooes!

      • Jason G

        Sweet Chili is a part in your mouth, i wouldn’t care if the bag was pink. Sweet Chili is the also the only sauce to dip your McNuggets in. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s so much better than setting your mouth on fire with anything else.

        Nacho cheese is overrated. Spicy or not. Queso 100 times > Nacho cheese.

  • bmorin54

    I see a D as a grade in a way like how you might tip a really bitchy, shitty waitress a penny. It’s like saying, “You sucked so badly that I want you to realize that I didn’t just forget your tip.” It’s the teacher saying, “You did the bare minimum that was required to pass, but it’s so poorly done that I would use it for toilet paper if the roll ran out while I was sitting on the shitter.”

    • @eclectik

      Sounds legit LOL

  • Classick Material

    Welcome back to posting on your site! Slacker…
    Can’t wait to hear what your favorite new show is this season. Something tells me it’s The Flash, but you tend to surprise me with your selections. I still need to check out “Forever” because the ads for it make it seem better than it probably is.

    Get a dog– surefire way to clean every bone.
    Snake-Eyes on Cobra would have been cool had TMNT not already done that with Leonardo joining the Foot Clan.
    The 13th floor in every building is actually a Hydra outpost with an invisible fish tank as soon as you get off the elevator. And you need to sing the Hydra jingle while pressing floor numbers that add up to 13 to access it. Science.
    Pistachio is great, one of my top three ice cream flavors and my second favorite shell-based snack, next to sunflower seeds

    Movie theater popcorn >>>> every other kind, no matter how stale it is. I think it’s something in that fake butter that makes it so great.

    Pro wrestling injuries were great, especially Cowboy Bob Orton’s arm in that cast. Dude was healing that arm for like six years.

    “Hot cuts” sounds like a sitcom from the late 80’s about a struggling hair salon that relies on sassy urban stylists to turn their business around. And it’d be spelled “Cutz” with a z..
    “No one bothered to tell Lion-O to comb his hair.” Tigra tried it in an unaired secret episode, but Panthro bitch-slapped him for being insolent to the LotTCs. Cheetarah tried to loan Lion-O her curling iron, but Snarf stole it during the night.

    Dots reminds me of LifeSavers’ Holes.

    I invented responding to random blog posts, and I’m really shitty at it. But E for effort, right?
    “Gosh” is the Lord’s gamertag.

    Rich Boy would have never became the rap icon he was if it was “Throw Some F’s on that Bitch”

    Creme/Cream soda is top 3. Along with Root Beer and Dr. Pepper. The secret is the vanilla.

    The secret to bowling, just like tennis & miniature golf, it it’s all in the hips, RIP Chubbs Peterson

    Body notwithstanding, of all famous women’s heads, whose would be considered the finest? My vote goes to Aishwarya Rai

    “Why Is James Cryin?… CUZ HE JUST GOT DUNKED ON!!!!!!!” – I Laughed So Fuckin Hard! Upset James and his boy are wearing Knicks jerseys– disgracing my franchise.

    To quote my favorite Tiny Toon: “Dadgum #@$%R%W%W!!!!! !@%E$@%@!#$!!!!!”

    • @eclectik

      The Lords gamer tag!?!? LMAOOOOO

      I KNEW Hydra was involved!

      Cowboy Bob Orton’s cast and Greg Valentines leg brace

      I’d go hang in Hot Cutz

      I had NO idea Leonardo joined the Foot Caln … but just like with Snake Eyes, I’d never like him

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