2014 TV Update (What eclectik watched)

November 3, 2014


We all know I watch a lot of TV … I talk about it, I Tweet about it (@eclectik) … last time I shared what I was watching this year, NOW i’m giving you an update of what I think so far … because 3 of you care … maybe? Anyway; here goes it!


This isn’t really a good show, I don’t know if it is because of expectations or if it’s because I have so any questions about it:
When is it?
Is Gordon’s partner good or stupid?
Why is this centered around Cobblepot?
… Not to mention how they shoehorn Batman things into the story for no reason
I still watch but, it’s not must watch live TV

The voice
After the auditions who cares, besides there isn’t much eye candy left


I still mainly watch for Daniela Ruah … I cannot stand the short old lady

The Blacklist

Still one of the best shows on TV, it gets a little annoying here and there with Keene but it’s getting good again, still dumb of them for moving the time slot


Surprisingly dope show, I like it (Which means it will probably be canceled) … I like how he solves the murders, it’s a lot of formula but it’s better than Elementary (even if the great Liu is on it)


The Flash
I was looking forward to the show as soon as it was announced and it hasn’t disappointed, it has the potential to be better than Arrow … the villains make the super hero and with Prison Break’s Scofield boys back as together as Fire and Ice … The Grod tease and more, plus ol creepy Doctor mystery … And Firestorm … AND Felicity showing up

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Honestly, this is not a good show … it has its moments but I’m really only watching out of Marvel loyalty … if this were from any other studio but Marvel I’d dropped it like 3rd episode season 1
Here’s to hoping between all the movie reveals and the Netflix shows they’ll start tying things together, otherwise I may bail.

NCIS: New Orleans
I dropped it, it was awful, and not even the great Scott Bakula could keep me in it … I leaped.

Persons of Interest
They changed a lot and it’s still great, very interested in seeing where the current plot is going, and again Sara Shahi and Amy Acker … YES


I’ve seen every episode, it is NOT good … it’s a train wreck, no one is likeable, the plot is fake and unbelievable … but while I clean its good background fodder.


I’ve seen every season and every episode … until this season; when BOTH tribes ganged up on John Rocker and it had nothing to do with the game I bailed it was disgusting that they let it happen like that; I’ll see it next year.

Hells Kitchen
Not a good show at all, it should probably be cancelled; Master Chef is SO much better … the contestants are not believable as chefs and seem to be casted for dumb personalities
… No way the winner would be an executive chef anywhere … and they are annoying. I’d rather watch Master Chef Juniors … and I am.

Might be the best show on TV, it has it all … very enjoyable (cept Laurel and Thea) … they are going to make this lady Black Canary, and the only way I’ll be fine with this is if they find some way to give her the Canary cry.
… The season has been so good I don’t miss Slade (much)

I watched, I guess its okay, not for me … sitcoms don’t make me laugh anymore.

The 100
I saw every episode of the first season, I tried when it came back … yeah no.

Stalker is EXTRA creepy … like I’m surprised women have yet to try and get it cancelled … its Creepy, and dope; I really want to see where the two storylines with the detectives are going


It’s still … good, not AS good as it used to be, somehow it went from a woman who was a “fixer” and her crew with the twist of she was sleeping with the president to All White House everything … and she’s not even sleeping with the guy anymore!
… Oh and Quinn… #ShutUpQuinn

How to get away with murder
It’s a decent show, I’m going to keep watching but I have questions:
Do these kids have other classes?
Do these kids have lives outside of this ONE ass class?
How successful is Annalise if her practice is run out of her house, with a staff of 2, and need the kids to help, AND still has to teach?
… Is doing well in her class THAT important?
How are they letting these kids in real ass murder scenes and courtroom cases interrupting and handling evidence?
It’s like New Scooby Doo

I admit … I cannot get into it, I want to watch for The Liu but it’s just not … no. I’m done


The Amazing Race

I only watch when I’m doing something else, meaning I don’t really watch … I also don’t care

Master Chef Juniors
I’m in the kids can cook … its fun

Shark Tank
I watch when I’m extra bored or it’s raining or extra late at night, I cannot stand the female Sharks (neither of them) and the updates are so fake it’s laughable
But I like creativity so it’s a thing


Once upon a Time
It’s about Frozen this season … never seen the movie so I’m kinda lost, but fine ass evil queen is there so I’m still there

Madam Secretary

I didn’t even try, what happened is when I went to record it; it was pre-empted and I never went back

Brooklyn Nine Nine
Still funny but the time slot is terrible

Family Guy
Of course I watch

Boardwalk Empire
The last season was SO bad I cannot advise anyone who hasn’t watched the series to watch the series … they completely ruined every character you liked.

Already better than last season, seems like its going somewhere, I’m still a fan

Not incredible good, not really bad … timeslot is terrible, not helping it at all .. Martin Short is Incredible on there though

The Affair
I haven’t watched it yet; doing this post reminded me that it existed

Survivor’s remorse
Surprisingly great … there’s only been 5 episodes up until now, and 4 have been really good

Other Shows


South Park … still funny, the drone episode and the Lorde episode classics
Key & Peele … not as funny as before, the new intro music and the driving in the car things is terrible, and most of the skits are … eh.
WWE Raw … not good at all, I watch for AJ Lee and Naomi’s backside … they are really in cruise control
iMPACT Wrestling … a lot better but still not big league, if they gave me full creative for 2 months I’d make them a contender to WWE easily
Top Chef … still good, I have to watch every season, it never disappoints
Falling Skies … I didn’t watch any of the latest season, it’s not promoted well and it loses your interest too quickly
Extant … was good, and it was renewed … WHAT are they going to do in another season?
Inside Amy Schumer … better than SNL
Last Comic Standing … wasn’t bad at all, I miss when they had to live together though, good humor there this season and its coming back
The Leftovers … it’s a chore to stay with it or through an episode at times, but it’s still interesting
Masters of Sex … still good, I don’t know how or why I like this show (probably the nudity) … the nudity.
Mistresses … I watch because of my celebrity crush Rochelle Aytes, it’s coming back but without Milano, which is okay, she was NOT looking good last season
Murder in the first … you never watched it, but I did and it was pretty good … then it got annoying, I will watch the beginning of season 2 to see if it catches me
Power … loved Power, if you have Starz they have two strong shows Power and Survivors Remorse … this next season will be crazy
Ray Donovan … so good, Ray is the only person on the show that I like, so I hope he doesn’t change because THAT could be a problem; great show.
Suits … I can’t believe we are already at season 5, Love the show but they have to stop with the Ima tell about Mike story crutch
Tyrant … somehow it got renewed; I forgot about the show, I will check it out though
Under the Dome … is back for another season what they do with this will surely be interesting because it’s going flat.

Wanna read something funny? Halt and Catch Fire has been renewed




I liked Dallas, especially the last season, they really turned it around after JR passed, shame it’s gone; besides what else does TNT have to show us?

Gang Related


It was good, once people found out about the double life it turned a bit, but I was really interested in seeing what happned next … welp.

Yeah … I watch a lot of TV.

What say you about these shows?

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  • http://underscoopfire.com/ Mr. Serious

    Your comments about SHIELD echo what I hear from many who watch it- Marvel loyalty only.
    #1GottaGo Arrow, Flash, BlackList, Scandal

    • Jay Malone

      Scandal’s out. The other three I actually watch. 😉

      • http://underscoopfire.com/ Mr. Serious

        Okay, new question- What of the three (Aarow, BlackList, and Scandal) had the best FIRST season?

    • @eclectik

      Scandal goes easily … I like the show, but yeah, no.

      SHIELD really SHOULD be good, it SHOULD be a spy show … it SHOULD have more Widow and Hawkeye … it has none of that so it’s none of that

  • Jay Malone

    Disagree about SHIELD, I think it’s actually been pretty good this year. And Gotham has picked up considerably over the last two episodes.

    Watched Constantine yet, E?

    • @eclectik

      SHIELD isnt very good for me, it doesnt keep my interest at all, if it were espionage and some street level stuff like it should be, it would be great; they could call this anything, there’s nothing Marvel about it

      Gotham is picking up but Bruce sucks and I need more of a reason to watch other than Cobblepot

      Never been interested in Constantine … I hear its great though

  • http://www.thekliqnation.com Timdogg

    This list reminds me of all the TV I don’t watch anymore. There’s a few shows I hadn’t heard of but sound interesting (Mistresses, The Affair), shows I like but haven’t watched in awhile (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gang Related I loved but just need to catch up. I’m hoping Gang Related at least stays on Hulu Plus to rewatch).

    I have Gotham and Agents of SHIELD on as background noise. I’m meh to both of them.

    And no Scorpion?

    • @eclectik

      Gotham and SHIELD are at best background noice … I mean #Cobblepot

      Scorpion still has me, it’s good … and I want me some McPhee

    • http://underscoopfire.com/ Mr. Serious

      Brooklyn Nine Nine is funny week in and week out.

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