My Favorite Scooby Doo Villains

July 21, 2015


Thinking about how much I loved Scooby Doo inspired me to do a post about my favorite Scooby Villains … or monsters or whatever
As I tried to remember my favorites and did some research (I forgot some of the real people names) I decided … hey, let me record a quick podcast, because why not?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite Scooby Doo baddies, and my Scooby Doo memories, listen and download and share and comment and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Click for the Podcast

The incredible artwork is by @Grimbro
… you pretty much should find him, buy them, and wallpaper your room

Charlie the Funland Robot


Mr. Jenkins made Charlie to run the amusement park … he was a creepy looking robot for the time
… the other thing that made him creepy was how he moved, and he was extra fast

The thing about Charlie was he just wigged out, he never chased Scooby and Mystery Inc to scare them or anything
Mr. Jenkins twit sister futz with him, because she was afraid of a robot working at the amusement park with children.


Spooky Space Kook


Spooky Space Kook was an alien that was haunting an air field … an abandoned one; so technically where’s the problem?
Turns out the alien space craft was a movie projector, ghosts were fake (naturally) and it was a money grab because they were opening the air field again


Ghost of Captain Cutler

Cap Cutler

Captain Cutler was the guy in the deep sea diving suit … the bright ass green one too in some glowing ass seaweed

Cutler faked his death and was stealing yachts on the low and flipping them for cash


Indian Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

This guy was scary, but it should’ve been clear he wasn’t a ghost or monster … he’s wearing a mask
There was a dog show coming up and He wanted to get rid of dogs that were better than his


Redbeard’s ghost


Super Cosplay Pirate … had a boat, had a crew, chained people up
… For some reason he also forced them to cook for him #GhostPirateStew
Anyway, this big bad guy, what was he really up to? Insurance Fraud LOL He was stealing from himself to cash in claims on the insurance




Creeper was a green skin lurch/Mr. Hyde looking guy … might’ve had jaundice lol
Anyway, he was a bank robber, the thing was … it was his bank he was robbing from


Ghost Clown

Ghost Clown

Might’ve been the scariest looking one … especially for people who hate clowns, I’m not one of them but still creepy
he had the evil clown face … this was back when at least clowns had the happy paint lol

On top of that, he actually tried to kill Mystery Inc … all the other ghosts just tried to scare them away

He was basically caught stealing from the circus and they had him locked up and now he wanted revenge
… he could hypnotize people (He Hypnotized Mystery Inc into damn near dying) The reason he’s not number one for me is Scooby and Shaggy eventually tricked him into hypnotizing himself


Snow Ghost

snow ghost

People Sleep on the Snow Ghost but he was a murderer (well attempted at least) He tried to saw Velma in half, AND he threw dynamite at her LOL
… Snow ghost flew on skis and turned other people into ghost (which was covering them in flour LOL)
All of this and why? Of course! Smuggling … I’m not even sure what they were smuggling


More Favorites

Spirit of Fireball McPhan


The ghost was a pasty white guy with red hair, looked like Flick from Christmas Story or Shamus but buffed up…
Turns out to be twin brothers who looked nothing alike AT ALL
And the plot was to scare people away from a school so they can buy it and turn it into a casino or something

10,000 Volt Ghost


This was one of the first ghosts I remember wondering, how?
… And I always thought it wore glasses LOL
The thing melted metal!!!!

This was another guy who faked his death; he came up with a pretty sweet (albeit totally impossible) outfit and mechanism for the suit
They were buying cheap property and flipping it for profit

Old Iron Face


What made Old Iron face dope was he used sharks for skis … how gangster is that?

The Sharks that he used as skis were actually torpedoes that smuggled prisoners from the island they were locked up on LOL
… And Old Iron Face was a woman
You know? Calling a woman “Old Iron Face” … not very flattering

Witch Doctor


Different from the Indian Witch Doctor
… this one was full of cism lol I’m kidding, but I promise the guy had a fake black arm … is going ‘black arm’ offensive?
There were different people playing the witch doctor though so maybe it was one of his African American henchmen
Anyway these guys were pearl smugglers and there was an underground cavern they were scaring people away from
… I just thought the mask was the scariest

So that’s it … again enjoy the show, If you remember like I do, have comments on the post or the show … leave them below or tweet me (@eclectik)

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