Top 10 Tom and Jerry shorts

July 20, 2015


Thinking about Tom and Jerry, and I figured I’d post 10 of my favorite shorts … it’s amazing how old they are (They came out in the 40s!!!!) still funny 40 years later in the 80s and even now!
I didn’t type much about them since I’m giving you the videos, AND I recorded a short podcast talking about the cartoon

… enjoy feel free to share your memories and comment and/or tweet @PodcastEDP #TomAndJerry

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10. The Two Mouseketeers (1952)

Jerry and Nibbles are The Two Mouseketeers and Tom was in charge of guarding a banquet … he fails and ultimately is beheaded
… LOL @ Tom getting his back sliced off

9. Texas Tom (1950)

Tom and Jerry Western style, Tom is trying to impress Toodles and lip syncs a song “If you’re ever down in Texas”
… LOL @ Jerry slowing and speeding up the record while Tom sings

8. Quiet Please (1945)

Simple premise, Spike is trying to sleep and Tom keeps waking him up, Spike threatens to skin him alive if it happens again
… LOL @ Tom catching the light bulbs and Jerry plugging him

7. Baby Puss (1943)

Tom is treated like a baby, Tom enjoys it, Jerry teases him about it and then Tom’s friends get in on the act
… LOL @ Topsy singing Mamãe Eu Quero

6. Pet Peeve (1954)

Tom and Spike live together and the owners (George and Joan) are arguing over the bills and which costs more to take care of and the benefits of having a Dog or a Cat
… They go back and forth LOL @ The Fridge at the end

5. A Mouse in the House (1947)

Tom and Butch lives together, Jerry has been going crazy in the house; Mammy Two Shows tells them whoever catches the mouse gets to stay.
… LOL @ The Mammy Two Shoes confusion

4. Jerry’s Cousin (1951)

Jerry’s cousin Muscles comes to aid Jerry with Tom, they are identical and Muscles pretty much beats Tom up repeatedly
… LOL @ The blow up fist punch

3. Solid Serenade (1946)

Tom serenades Toodles Galore with Is You is or Is You aint … nuff said.

2. Pecos Pest (1955)

Jerry’s uncle Pecos comes into town, cannot find a string for his guitar and uses Toms whiskers for one … sings his hit Froggy went a courting
… LOL @ Pecos reaching through the screen

1. The Zoot Cat (1944)

Tom goes to woo Toots, with Jerry as a gift, she calls him corny Tom cuts up a Hammock and turns it into a Zoot suit and Toots catches the Vapors
… LOL @ Toots calling him Corny, a Corn Husker, and telling Tom he doesn’t “Send” her LOL

Those last 5 I can watch on a loop … especially Zoot Suit and Muscles, anyway, that’s what I have … see you in the comments!

Honorable Mention

Muscle Beach Tom

Tom and his girl hits the beach, Tom pisses Jerry off so they go at it, THEN butch is trying to impress his girl as well; the back and forth ensues
LOL @ Jerry smacking his food while Tom flexes

Hic-cup Pup (1954)

Spike’s son Tyke keeps waking up with the hiccups … Tom chasing Jerry keeps waking him up so Spike threatens Tom, obviously hilarity ensues
… LOL @ The horns on the feet

Polka-Dot Puss (1949)

Tom lies to Mammy Two shows about being sick so that she wouldn’t put him out at night, Jerry then paints measles on Tom’s face while he’s asleep

The Truce Hurts (1947)

Spike, Tom, and Jerry decide to form a truce and no longer fight, surprising all of their friends
… LOL @ Butch going crazy after Tom saves Jerry from him

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