Random Thoughts: True Detective S2E1

June 22, 2015


My random thoughts as I watched the season premiere of True Detective Season 2 … not a review, just my thoughts

“Never do anything out of hunger. Not even eating.”

Ray Velcoro (Colin) looks like an ex porn star or future KT


Is this the 80s? They called them kicks then? Oh it’s not? It looks like it

Vince always looks like he’s going to crash a wedding, every role

Nice house Vince

Diet jack Nicholson face with an eyes wide shut mask?


Hookers are covering up??

Colin seems like he’s in a different decade than the rest of the show

Yes I’d escort that lady home … and discuss things

1/2 in I’d like to know what the show is about We got a fat kid, a pretty cop, a missing sister, a casino king and a blowjob for citation relief?

Oh! Diet Jack is newspaper guy?

That Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) is a piece of ass


Ani’s sister … IS NOT

Look like a OITNB Norma flashback for a second


Ski mask and gloves sure … But you’re still wearing that bolo tie!

The Lebrons? So this isn’t the 80s and he still looks like that?

He called his son a fat pussy and that was the highlight of the show

Wait so is fatboy a Rape son?

Seriously I never watched the trailers does this show have a plot?

Hey it’s Ghost Rider (Paul Woodrugh)


So many characters, who is ghost rider? And is that the missing sister?

Who elected a mayor that looks like that?

“You like to bully kids Ass … Pen”?

“I’ll come back and butt fuck your father with your moms headless corpse on this lawn”
… Second highlight, pretty much I like when kids get yelled at.

The lack of gratuitous nudity is annoying, there were so many opportunities!

I hope this scene with Fiona Crab Apple leads to something, TF is this show about?


… Finally something tied together
So Rachel is a sexy Carrie Mathison?

Death wish ghost rider guy is annoying already; at least we know where the scars came from

Cops sober up quickly … because they were both tore down 5 minutes ago

I’m thinking a 3 way is going to happen

Wait, that was Taylor Kitsch??

Interesting show, sucktastic premier

This is what happened last season, I couldn’t make it through episode 2; but then everyone loved it, so I’ll keep watching I think

I need a lot more if I’m going to keep up with it though…. On to Ballers

What did you think?

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  • bmorin54

    My wife lost interest 10 minutes in. But, to be fair, she felt the same way about Better Call Saul.

    • @eclectik

      I can see that, not with Saul though … are you going to keep watching or are you tapping out?

      • bmorin54

        I’ll stick with it and see. I think it has potential.

        • @eclectik

          I hope so, I gave up on last season early, we will see with this one … did you watch Ballers?

          • bmorin54

            No. Was it good?

          • @eclectik

            It wasn’t bad at all … its like Black Entourage lol

          • bmorin54

            The end of this week’s True Detective was shocking!

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