Dime Lines: Track Star

July 21, 2007

2010 Penn Relays

Complexion of Coca Cola, in a glass, in the sun
Legs of a Track star, hair that’s silk spun

Breath like Cinnamon, got a career got the Benjamins
Shop o holic like me so she got a flair for spendin’ em

Ponytail’s no problem, Makeup’s not an option
Shoe game catalog like Ebay Auctions

NFL Sunday, next to me in a jersey
Small frame but bangin cuz my baby is curvy

Eclectic and unique, educated how she speaks
Weekends Hit Georgetown and mom and pop boutiques

Lazy Sunday marathon of Trading Spaces
Then hit Crate and Barrel for faux flowers and vases

Competitive, Chess, pool, scrabble we battle
And she wins arguments with a soft kiss and straddle

And with all of this, there’s still stuff I missed
But i’m single and stay pissed cuz she doesn’t exist

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  • http://herstorii.blogspot.com/ Isis

    Gotta love Crate & Barrel. First time I went in there, I was in Chicago and a teenager. No house but buyin tons of shit like I had my own crib. ahh.. memories. Nothing wrong with WANTING what you want.. but realizing that if the person lacks 1.. or err.. 2 things.. it’s okay.

  • http://jessicasong.net jess

    too awesome.

  • Sakeenah

    You are truly talented with the words, my brother. A true poet indeed.
    This girl can be called into existence, you can manifest her. I listen to The Secret CDs every day and I’m convinced that our consistent thoughts create our reality. I’m not saying it doesn’t take hella effort, but it’s worth a shot

  • http://www.mystery2you.blogspot.com MysTery

    More more…lol

  • http://pathsnottaken.blogsome.com Erica C.

    E, when you find her you’ll know it! Who couldn’t resist you man!

  • cmj_69

    I like this one. you have a way with words

  • http://swaggercity.blogspot.com/ S.K.

    I just wanted to leave a comment about the sex poll – what happened to All of the Abpve – because what would get my vote

  • http://www.neosewmama.typepad.com NeoSewMama

    I like this one…Probably my second most favorite.

  • http://mentallspeaking.blogspot.com BluJewel

    love it!

    she exists…you just haven’t found her yet…or maybe because you keep saying you’re things like you’re destined to stay single, you’re blocking your blessings son!

  • MsSepia

    Definitely felt this poem and love the TRADING PLACES marathon idea. Hope u find that “ONE” because she is out there. I just wanted to let you know I’m so glad I found your blog I have a lot of similar thoughts and I laugh at times reading your posts knowing I’m not odd or alone. Stay positive.

  • beautifulgyrlJ

    She exists… U just haven’t met her yet.

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