8teezbaybee: R&B 1982 – 1983

April 4, 2011

Shoutouts to my mother for her card and backgommon parties and playing this music extra loud and putting me on to great music

I knew these posts would really be just for me lol I just love music … and the 80s were THE best era of music (You know I’ll have to give the same treatment to Hip Hop)
… last we left with 1980 and 1981 so ….


Remember when Janet Jackson’s first album came out?

Yeah most people don’t she dropped the same year as Thriller … bad move
… Nice cover though

Luther dropped

Wow … Luther came out the same year as “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” … doesn’t seem right

I LOVE “Love come down” by Evelyn “Champaign” King … and her name

The Time came out with 777-9311 and The Walk, and Gigolo’s get lonely too

Stephanie Mills dropped twice

Prince made 1999 (Still a genius for dropping 1999 IN 1982!)

Nasty Girl and Vanity 6 came out … everyone wanted Vanity!

Shalamar made all the songs that people don’t remember lol

Even Sexual Healing came out … he was that dude in the video!!!

Quietly Jermaine Jackson’s “Tickle your fancy” was a banger

One of my favorite songs to this day “Let it Whip” by the Dazz band dropped

“Love’s Train” by ConFunkShun


Album of the year is a no brainer


Van Halen w/ David Lee Roth made Jump … that was that band lol

Prince made “Irresistible Bitch” I remember not knowing what “Bitch” was just that it was bad lol

Everybody (but me) skated to “Jam On” by Newcleus

My Favorite Singer Chaka Khan made Aint Nobody

I use to LOVE “Encore” by Cheryl Lynn

DeBarge made Time will Reveal … I didn’t appreciate it till way later

I do remember “Wet my Whistle” and “Freakazoid” by Midnight Star but nothing killed it like “Slow Jam”

Cyndi Lauper came out

Herbie Hancock made Rockit … that video use to scare me

My Mother use to jam “Just be good to me” by S.O.S Band constantly

I can make you dance rocked by Zapp w/ Roger

Luther coulda kept that “Busy Body” album if it weren’t for Superstar

Oh and you had to skate it out (cept me) to Beat Box by Art of Noise

All night long by Lionel Richie came out

I remember when I was real little I would play Candy Girl by New Edition and Juicy Fruit by Mtume back to back to back constantly … those were like my favorite songs ever

So that’s my Album of the year

That’s all I got … Rock to the rotation w/ me (Click on the ipod to the right) … next up 1984 and 1985! It’s getting good!

…damnit Vanity

  • http://smartysworld.com Smarty P. Jones

    *whispers* I was born in 1982, but I do love this music. 🙂

  • http://rashanjamal.blogspot.com/ Rashan Jamal

    Damn vanity.. I remember watching that terrible movie Action Jackson 50leven times b/c she got naked alot.

    Stephanie Mills had this song call Medicine Man. The video used to give me nightmares.

    You right, album of the year was New Edition. That got nothing but classics on it.

  • Keya Mahogany

    I’ve been reading your post for the longest and I can never get enough of them!

    I was born in 1983, but my mother and brother(born in ’76) always kept the *good music* playing…I’m an 80’s baby all the way!

    kids today will never know good music.

  • lovnlife

    Oh. Here’s Debarge. I was worried. LOL 🙂

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