8teezbaybee: R&B 1984 – 1985

April 9, 2011

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So I realized that most of you aren’t reading the memories rather than just listening to the playlist so I wont type as much…

We left off at 1982 – 1983 so….


Remember when Janet Dropped “Dream Street” Yeah most people dont … BUT when she did the joint on Fame I was all in!

Cherelle came out … nobody cared

Sade came with Smooth Operator and Your Love is King … and to this day those are the only two songs of hers I can name lol

The Time dropped “Ice Cream Castles” … remember back in the day when your WHOLE album could be like 5-6 songs? lol
…that joint had The Bird and Jungle Love though

Underrated Stephanie Mills made “I got the Cure” … Everlasting love was on there

I WANT to say Album of the year was New Edition album with: Cool it now, Mr. Telephone man, My Secret, and Lost in love …they were those dudes


case closed


1985 was a beast!

Full Force came out with “Alice”

The Force MD’s dropped Here I go again and Tender Love … EVERYBODY rocked Tender Love

Freddie Jackson hit with Rock me tonight … he was the “other” Luther but didn’t really pop off as big

Luther made till my baby comes home, If only for one night and Creepin … had the curl in full effect!

We are the world dropped

Cameo made Word up!

MY BOYS New Edition and Ready for the World dropped in ’85 too

Ready for the World made Tonight and Deep inside your love (Two of my favorite slow songs ever … they make you wanna F!), Oh Shelia was on there too

New Edition came with Count me out, A Little bit of love, with you all the way man.. I’ma have to do a New Edition post

Sade made Sweetest Taboo … I forgot, I know that song as well lol

Miki Howard released “Come share my love” I LOVE that song!!!

Atlantic Starr made “Secret Lovers” … that was that jam! Oh and “If your heart isn’t in it”

Whitney Houston came out rockin the slick back on the cover (That was the last time we saw her real hair lol)
… never liked Whitney but that joint had
You give good love
Saving all my love for you
How will I know
The Greatest Love of all
Someone for me
All at once
…she crushed the game with that album

1986 and 1987 is when the game went CRAZY … that’s next

  • lovnlife

    I’m loving the layout, E!
    Creeping by Luther goes so hard! So Hard. And “For You To Love”.
    Build a time machine so we can go back.
    Where’s DeBarge!? Don’t do the most talented and important family to R&B like that.

  • http://rashanjamal.blogspot.com/ Rashan Jamal

    Word is bond.. I hate Freddie Jackson.. like to this day if I hear a Freddie song, I’m turning that ish off. I also wasn’t a Whitney fan, but I have an late found appreciation for that album now. Purple Rain is that album forever. I always wanted to rap to “Creepin” I wish I knew how to sample…Look forward to the New Edition post.

  • RayyLive

    These are the albums I got a lot of loving too! Learned hoe to f*ck to these cuts!

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