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iThink: Cinnamon Ratajkowski in 4K

March 19, 2014

JUST my random thoughts … You know if you follow my twitter account (@eclectik) you might think: “He’s weird” … if you listen to my podcast you will know I’m weird … in a good or at least funny way though I did a show with Spinderella; I did a show with Kwame … two…

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Top 10 Kool-Aid flavors

March 12, 2014

There was a time when Kool-Aid was everything, I’m from the Kool-Aid man bursting through brick walls scaring kids and yelling “Oh Yeah” … while not spilling any debris in his head era. … Why didn’t the kids ever tip him over and drink him? Anyway, I remember my mother always keeping a fresh jug…

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iRemember: Dragon Lady

July 2, 2013

I remember when We had REAL Grandmothers, they were old and mean Unbutton my fly T shirts and 501 Jeans Girls wore leg warmers cuz flashdance hit Jennifer Beals was BAD and  she STILL is the shit When that water came down? Anyway, I use to watch Videos and in Grade school I had a…

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RD80s with a little bit of e (Podcast)

May 25, 2013

If you know anything about me, you know I love the 80s and recently I was invited to be a guest on the DEBUT episode of the Rediscover the 80s podcast! 1. If you havent been to the site before go in a second 2. You’ll recognize the host from #EDP Podcasts such as: EDP203…

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EDP211 – OT eclectik Materia (@ClassickMateria)

April 22, 2013

FIRST Listen to EDP210 – House Party w/ @ClassickMateria .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … Join me and my guest Mr.…

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TV Childhood Crushes Tournament: Elite 8

March 25, 2013

The Elite 8 in the TV Child Hood Crushes Tournament is up for voting! Your votes has come down to this … there’s been some upsets, some close battles … some buzz-her beaters and now we are on our way to the Final four! Matchups are tight … The top 6 seeds are all alive…

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EDP206 – Darkscream (@Rashanii)

March 4, 2013

FIRST Listen to EDP205 – Live from Teletraan 1 .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … Join me and my guest The…

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80s Sports posters #appreciation

March 2, 2013

    I miss the days of sports posters … back when you actually looked up to players and you’d hang out in your friends rooms and see what posters they had, it was almost a competition to have the coolest posters The creativity behind them were also dope, some are iconic and some probably…

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EDP203 – Game Shows (The Guy LeDouche) w/ @SockofFleagulls

February 13, 2013

All Game Show everything! If you enjoyed watching game shows in the 80s and 90s this is the episode for you! If you enjoy listening to two guys discuss Mountain Climbers and Old Pervy hosts … you’ll also like this Join me and my Guest Jason Gross (@SockOfFleaguls)   as we break down Favorite Game…

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Top 50 Sexy Females of Wrestling (Divas/Valets/Managers) Pt. 2

February 1, 2013

Remember the ranking wasn’t just looks, I factored in accomplishments and impact … and I subtracted for busted faces and long flat asses lol … The continuation from numbers 50 – 25 24. Madusa/Alundra Blayze Look, she threw the WWF Title in the Trash can on a live Nitro … nuff said. 23. Beulah McGillicutty…

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EDP202 – OT @Count_Marzo

January 29, 2013

FIRST Listen to EDP201 – He-Man and the MOTU .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … Join me and my guest @Count_Marzo…

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iRemember: Falcon Crest

December 4, 2012

I remember when:  We couldn’t solve the rubix cube;  we was mad as shit We’d take it apart or move the stickers  but they wouldn’t stick Madballs, Game of life, chutes and ladders  And in Uno I couldn’t be faded I’m the master Water balloon fights,  Kendra? Had to nail her Pick a number, pick…

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Wait. What? Tiger Toes

September 12, 2012

Okay so… What exactly is a banana fanna fo? …it’s clearly more gooder than a Me My Moe But is it better than a inny meeny miney moe? PLUS you cant catch no tiger by the damn toe…not even a cub And fuck hollering, it wouldn’t holler…it would kill you Inny meeny that on your…

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EDP23 – Leave the gun Take the cannoli w/ @fogsmoviereview

September 10, 2012

Today on the eclectik discussion podcast we discuss and spotlight Mafia Movies, Gangster Flicks … all Mobbed up everything! This week’s guest … Dan “Fogs” Fogarty (@Fogsmoviereview) From and The Title Pending Movie Podcast This episode The Notorious F.O.G. and I discuss mafia/gangster films including: Favorite Gangster/ Mob Film ever? Favorite Scenes and Quotes…

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Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (10 – 1)

May 3, 2012

Well here we are … Top 10 Sitcoms of the 1980’s … All time! I appreciate you sticking with me through 3 posts … I’m sure THIS is where my order gets the most scutiny BUT It’s my list (I tried not to be biased) To catch up here are Numbers 50 – 30 Here…

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Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (29 – 11)

April 26, 2012

And we continue on, with our countdown of the Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80s Numbers 50 – 30 can be found here Now, let’s get it! 29. Facts of Life 79 – 88 You have to take the bad after the good and mix them up for number 29 Shoutouts to Ednas Edibles and…

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I use to love N.B.A

April 24, 2012

Hip Hop and Basketball Another illustration to how Hip Hop music is dead Rap music and Hip Pop is alive and kickin it though…just not Hip hop Music Hip Hop and The NBA has always been intertwined, look back to The Movie Wild Style…classic battle on the court Kurtis Blow’s Basketball Hip Hop…Jerseys, The Shoes,…

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iThink: Bit-o-Honey and Front Butt

March 12, 2012

Pretty Good weekend … The Mall got me a gain and fed my shoe addiction Jordan 14s and some Prada Sneakers Special shoutouts to everyone that’s downloaded, listened and more importantly commented/left iTunes reviews for the podcast … really appreciated Working with Autodesk 2012 … you could care less …………. Tweeted by me (@eclectik) When…

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Top 10 Swords of Pop Culture

March 7, 2012

While I was doing my Top 10 Pop Culture Ninja Post I thought I’d do a top swords post … I’m not including Excalibur and the like, just really the Cartoon and Video Game pop culture ones … criteria is power and relevance, it’s a delicate balance because some of the lower rank swords may…

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Five Forgotten Cartoons

February 22, 2012

Cartoons were everything growing up, I was like Martin Tupper watching those joints (Shoutouts to Dream On) Originally planned for a podcast (eclectik discussion podcast mind you!) I figured I’d do a post instead spotlighting 5 cartoons that I loved watching when I was a lower case e that a lot of people may have…

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