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10 WTF from actual GI Joe File Cards

April 17, 2013

I Love GI Joe, and one of the greatest thing about the figures were the File Cards … this was unheard of for toys ever period, Action figures with bios … social security numbers, code names, real names, backgrounds! you’d cut them out and have a mini Rolodex of all of your figures … it…

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EDP207 – Cleck vs. Deck (Pop Culture Shootout) w/ @HowardTheDeck

March 13, 2013

The format has been thrown out the window! Anything can happen with today’s guest … and it did Pop Culture Shootout with Howie Decker! (@HowardThe Deck)   The CEO, CFO, and rabble rabble of UnderScoopFire (Site, Podcast, and lifestyle) goes head to head with yours truly in NOT trivia, NOT a matching of wits BUT…

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GI Joe Random Thoughts: Mindbenders

October 23, 2012

During battles cobra and Joes had conversations from vehicle to vehicle they talked that loud? Seems like all of GI Joe responds to any cobra anything … Just coordinate a double mission on opposite ends of the planet Why are Joes and Cobras always in uniform? Playing basketball, dancing, on vacation … How did cobra…

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Intercepted from the GI Joe/Cobra RAH Facebook Group

October 9, 2012

Who knew they got along so well on social media!?! Like this:Like Loading...

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