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#Unappreciation: Asking

July 8, 2013

When I’m eating lunch or anything at work and someone feels compelled to: Stop and ask what I’m eating Why? You can’t have any, and stop talking to me, I’m eating…hump. Stop and comment on what I’m eating like ‘mmmmm that looks good’ that’s great you admire my Burger, now what would look better is…

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Do I Do: Yeastie Boys

April 6, 2012

Things that I do and think … are you as random (or ridiculous) as I am? DO YOU … Look at kids act a fool in public and wish they’d trip and fall sometimes? Have a special place to hide your porn? See everything you want when you have NO money? Only give compliments when…

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Random – e: Birthday Partyless

February 29, 2012

25 Random actual factuals bout me you m’frs 1. I’ve never had a birthday party 2. When I type every one of my blogs I don’t pre write I just type every one of them straight out one draft one take (Even the ones that rhyme) 3. I’ve never smoked anything 4. I have yet…

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