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2015 FartCon

June 18, 2015

After a 1 year Hiatus, it’s back …FartCon! FartCon 2013 was a blast and i couldnt WAIT to set my schedule for this year’s events! I’ve been saving my money for a yar to get some collectibles; without further ado here are the events and booths Im looking forward to checking out … Wednesday, July…

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OT – #EDP @AmazingJayce

October 8, 2012

FIRST Listen to EDP24 – The Purple Tape .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … Join me and Jayce (@AmazingJayce) as we…

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iRemember: Gyromite

June 26, 2012

  I remember when: We played Mother may I? We played Hungry Hippos We got quarter waters; No gulp, gotta sip those Acid wash jackets There wasn’t any cell phones You’d have your face in the screen door to see if you’re friend’s home Boys would pull girls ponytails just to spark a chase And…

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