Random Thoughts: True Detective S2E1

June 22, 2015

My random thoughts as I watched the season premiere of True Detective Season 2 … not a review, just my thoughts “Never do anything out of hunger. Not even eating.” Ray Velcoro (Colin) looks like an ex porn star or future KT Is this the 80s? They called them kicks then? Oh it’s not? It…

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Random Thoughts: Orange is the new black Season 3

June 16, 2015

The season dropped on Friday, I was done Saturday … (dont judgge me) anyway, these are the things I think (Not a review, just my random thoughts) … Will the mother give up because the baby is dead Will pronstache get out? Is Alex Dead? How ungrateful were the guards I hated Lolly; she was…

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Fall TV 2015 – 2016: What’s eclectik watching?

May 29, 2015

It’s tradition … fall time is coming, what am I watching this season. We know I watch too much television … I have two Tivos and yadda yadda yadda Anyway, I looked over the schedule of new and returning shows and I have listed what i will be checking out … and tweeting about ……

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2014 TV Update (What eclectik watched)

November 3, 2014

We all know I watch a lot of TV … I talk about it, I Tweet about it (@eclectik) … last time I shared what I was watching this year, NOW i’m giving you an update of what I think so far … because 3 of you care … maybe? Anyway; here goes it! Gotham…

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2014 Fall TV – (What’s eclectik watchin)

August 27, 2014

We all know I watch a lot of TV … I talk about it, I Tweet about it (@eclectik) … and I share my TV schedules every season, so … this will be nothing new, have some, take a look! 8:00 Gotham (FOX) A Batman show without batman, not sure how they will make it…

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Summer TV – 2014 (What’s eclectik watchin)

May 29, 2014

So, I watch TV, a lot of TV … we know, you read this site, some of you follow me on Twitter. SOoooo here are the shows I plan on watching this summer Let’s take a look … Sunday Halt & Catch Fire (AMC) June 1 Set in 1983 Computer revolution time … these guys…

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9 of the best sitcom Christmas episodes

December 17, 2013

Diff’rent Strokes: Santa’s Helper (1982) Season 5 of Diff’rent Strokes had Garret Morris as a Street Corner Santa … Arnold’s dumb ass eventually invites him to the house where he later comes back to break in and steal all of their presents. One. it was genius how he did it, he put some putty or…

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What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV update

October 24, 2013

So since What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV Schedule I’ve been watching some stuff … just about everything I said I would (I even watched We are Men … and didn’t hate it, it’s cancelled so moving along …) Figured I’d write what I thought so far about what I’m watching on a weekly basis,…

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What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV Schedule

May 20, 2013

Every year, fall season (And recently Winter) I do a post about the shows I’m watching … because I watch (Tivo) a TON of TV … and it’s my site so … Anyway, this is no different, after reviewing the upfronts and the upcoming shows, I’ve compiled a list of what will be on my…

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Breaking Bad Season 1 Random thoughts

April 18, 2013

In my opinion Breaking Bad is in the Top 5 greatest TV Dramas ever (I want to say top 3) … The writing is great, plot is original, the acting is superb; one could only wonder what it would be like on HBO One of the other things that sets it apart from most shows…

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My 10 Favorite Jerry Seinfeld TV Girlfriends

April 12, 2013

    I love the TV Show Seinfeld … the humor was great (it’s not for everyone, but should be) it gave birth to a ton of catch phrases and sayings, one of the more overlooked themes that went on during the show’s run is how many women Jerry went through. The best thing about…

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2013 Winter TV Premieres

December 26, 2012

I am NOT a fan of “Mid season Finales” for my TV shows … but at least the Winter brings some of my shows back, it also brings some new shows! Without Football to keep me company, I need some TV to keep me company during the cold months, so as usual here are the…

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What’s eclectik watching: 2012 Fall TV Schedule

August 29, 2012

Fall time, New clothes, Great Weather, Football, and New TV Shows/ New Fall TV Season!! The tradition continues … what shows am I looking forward to/ will be watching this fall, lets get to it! Monday 8:00 90210 (CW) 8:00 The Voice (NBC) 9:00 Gossip Girl (CW) 9:00 The Carrie Diaries (CW)* 9:00 MNF (ESPN)…

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Top 50 Saturday Night Live Recurring Characters (25 – 1)

August 22, 2012

Welp here’s where I piss everyone off lol The Top 25 SNL Recurring characters. The countdown continues Characters 50 – 26 are here! I admit to one or two I would’ve dropped lower but I still think that the list overall is solid. Again My Criteria: Had to make me laugh I actually watched them…

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Top 50 Saturday Night Live Recurring Characters (50 – 26)

August 14, 2012

I’m a Big Saturday Night Live fan, been that way for as long as I can remember so I figured why not do a post for some of the characters that kept me laughing throughout the years This time I’m doing Reoccurring characters … the characters that came on multiple times and entertained me. My…

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The 7 Worst TV Wives

August 6, 2012

Because I’m constantly doing lists (And I watcha ton of TV) I decided I’d do another one … today’s list: The 7 Worst TV Wives lol I had planed to do the Top 5 on the last segment of an upcoming #EDP but, I figured why not do it on the site … especially after…

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London 2012: Girls of The Games – All Leryn Franco Everything

July 28, 2012

Leryn Dahiana Franco Steneri 30 Years old Paraguayan javelin thrower – Personal best 57.77 metres It was pretty much a given that she gets her own post … cannot wait to watch her in action (August 7th by the way) Like this:Like Loading...

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What’s eclectik watching: Summer TV Schedule

June 19, 2012

Per tradition … what’s eclectik watching? This time: The Summer Edition This is what will be on my TiVo this Summer NOT counting any season finales (or my Soaps) Of course for the reality shows my “Show Girlfriend” rule is in effect … anyway, here’s the schedule: Monday 8:00 Hell’s Kitchen (FOX) Show girlfriend (None)…

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Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (10 – 1)

May 3, 2012

Well here we are … Top 10 Sitcoms of the 1980’s … All time! I appreciate you sticking with me through 3 posts … I’m sure THIS is where my order gets the most scutiny BUT It’s my list (I tried not to be biased) To catch up here are Numbers 50 – 30 Here…

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Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (29 – 11)

April 26, 2012

And we continue on, with our countdown of the Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80s Numbers 50 – 30 can be found here Now, let’s get it! 29. Facts of Life 79 – 88 You have to take the bad after the good and mix them up for number 29 Shoutouts to Ednas Edibles and…

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