Do I Do: meanmugkidz

April 18, 2011

Do you….

Need Football season to start NOW?

Look at people silly when they try and tell you that there was a sequel to Godfather II?

Rock to my rotation while cleaning up on the weekends? (Click ipod –>)

Ever do the Fried or Fertilized dance when you cook something that tastes really good?
(click on picture)

Mean mug loud little kids?

Wonder who passed alternat spellings of Ketchup?

Think that a pretty face > Big Breasts and ample rump?

Have a favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

Think Soul Food on Showtime was The Greatest Black TV Drama?

Want to ask Todd Shaw was it … to get on a ride? to date a certain chick, to … dunk?

Own the Blue and Orange Walter Payton Roos?

Look forward to the WNBA Season more than the NBA?

Take it to Adult Gummi Vitamins on the daily?

Monitor your credit score like Fantasy Football stats?

Have more than 4 pair of $300 + Sneakers?

Get hype over most any song w/ Beat boxing in it?

Think that a Black Sex and The City/ Girlfriends type show Starring:
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lauren London, Jurnee Smollett, and Malika Haqq would be GREAT to watch?

Want Brooke Valentine to make a comeback?

Need to go to Target?

Want to push old ladies that wear that “Old Lady Perfume” down and point and laugh?

Own both full length albums by L’Trimm?

Know that no one can see me in Wii Resort or Mario Party?

Wonder HOW “The Dream” got Christina Milian?

Only care about NCAA Basketball in March?

Think that a picture of all the Braxtons together looks like an Evolution chart?

Think that Snoop Pearson is really Shyheim The Rugged Child and aint nobody sayin nothin?

See your friends that are IN relationships relationship and think …. Single isnt too bad AT ALL?

Want to hit Atlantic City real quick for some Craps?

Live a lifestyle that would prevent you from knowing exactly what a Wiz Khalifa is?

Think My Blog is the illest?

I do.

… Take us out F Dot Double …

  • C-Recks

    Always wondered where the hell they got catsup
    soul food on show time was that show man! I hate it went off the air.
    Man I have no clue how dream got Christina I smh every time I see that clown. Then he had the gaul to cheat on her? Don’t get me started.

  • C-Recks

    Oh and dope ass playlist as always man.

  • 12kyle

    I DO need football! Tired of this lockout shit

    Mannn, you don’t wanna see me on Wii Resort!


    Both you and 12kyle can’t see me in the wii resort.
    I have a old lady perfume culprit in my office now…I can smell her before she even gets close to my work space. #Disgusting

    Never really watched Girlfriends (kanye shurgy) but I loved me some Soul Food…Melinda Willaims=my hair inspiration

    That is the greatest gif of all time and I will need that link so I can steal it..please and thank you!!

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