iThink: Velma Thighs and Duck Hunt

February 20, 2012

But fish DOES Fry in the kitchen … and what are beans doing on the grill? What are you some kinda Hobo?
… maybe you should work on not buring down the damn house PRIOR to movin own up

I went to the theater to see Ghost Rider 3D … I’d rather have Ecco the dolphin flip of the top rope and head-butt me

There’s a lot of TV going on, may have to repost my schedule so that I can be mocked at all the Television that I watch lol

That “The River” is something else…

Been trying to post more over here … cuz, why not? Not many comments but people say they read

…and hey! Look at the redesign! We like?
… no? oh.

… Well I lost all my site stats, the domain changed (notice no hyphen) so my subscribers are gone too … if you once subscribed or want to now, hook it up on the right

I have this new “Sparkling” V8 fusion … it’s not so bad

You know what sucks? Paying Bills

You know what feels great? Having your bills paid

Cherry Tomatoes … but why not Tomato Cherries? They’d be huge!

It’s like Titties are the miniature offspring of one large breast

Podcast … well if you’re reading this, you’ll be interested to know that it is QUITE possible that episode 1 will be on THIS very website tomorrow

They did something to snickers, they aren’t as satisfying anymore

The #appreciation page is damn fun to do … more fun to look at lol

There aren’t any corn flavored corn chips…

I went bowling … Real Life bowling I’m a 2 but on the Wii???? Solid 8-9 lol

Troop or RFTW?

How much longer till summer?

Speaking of the #appreciation page … anyone you’re thinking I’m overlooking let me know; comment on the page and stuff

Pecan pie >>>

I’m going to be so happy next time I smang I might Milli Vanilli chest bump the girl

My Top 5 least favorite things to do at home:

1. Dusting
2. Clipping Nails
3. Cutting my hair
4. Sweeping
5. Washing my pots and pans cuz they are stainless steel

I want a puffy vest lol
… better than a puffy shirt
… or a puffy daddy

Sew? So? Either way, why and what does Mexico have to do with it?

House of lies just might be the best show on TV
… I think it’s my favorite

Speaking of which megalyn echikunwoke is every. single. thing

Anyone wanna buy me a MacBook air?
… how about some waffles then?

Hey guess who don’t care about the NBA? me.
… I will watch the Dunk contest though

As far as sports this is how it goes for me

March Madness will be fun

Summer Olympics aka eclectik Porn

After all these years I did NOT know one person could shoot the ducks and another could control them!

I forgot to buy my Gummy Vitamins … hey, if you’re going to be out…

Biscuits and Honey, Biscuits and Jelly, or Biscuits and Syrup?

I don’t necessarily have to have enough to stop Michael … as a matter of fact, I’ll stop whenever I see fit! You may be the King of Pop but you are NOT the boss of e!
… well … I’ve had enough, so I’m stopping now.

I chose not to watch any Whitney coverage … not cuz I didn’t care but because I didn’t want to watch any of it … I think there’s a difference.

Since all the News is on TV, The Internet, or a Phone/Tablet … what is the dog supposed to bring you when you come home?

Talking Scooby Doo on the #ColdSlitherPodcast …
Velma is underrated … always been hot to me, I think it’s the glasses, the thighs and the orange
I mean this is how I always picture her:

What? You dont?
Hi there.

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  • Lamar The Revenger

    Nice! Will agree on Velma.

  • soheavenleigh

    yayay if you do a podcast! I’d love to hear the voice. in my head it’s MAD sexy…
    Troop…but I secretly enjoy saying Oh Sheila in that accent like dude did…
    Megalyn’s lips are yummy goodness
    I LOVE the summer olympics. still waiting for a Wii game that does it justice…

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