Top 10 Swords of Pop Culture

March 7, 2012

While I was doing my Top 10 Pop Culture Ninja Post I thought I’d do a top swords post … I’m not including Excalibur and the like, just really the Cartoon and Video Game pop culture ones … criteria is power and relevance, it’s a delicate balance because some of the lower rank swords may be more powerful or bigger BUT the cultural relevance may not be as strong …. so with all that nerd gunk out of the way …

The Top 10 Pop Culture Swords

10. Snake Sword

The Sword used by Snake eyes, I’m not entirely sure it should be on this list BUT it’s kinda iconic and the Snake eyes Fanboys might balk without it’s inclusion … it looks cool

9. Dragon Sword

Wielded by Ryu Hayabusa, carved from the fang of an acient dragon, passed down to Ryu from he’s father … as long as the sword is on earth it can only be weilded by a descendant of the Dragon Lineage bloodline
When the Eye of the Dragon is fitted inside it (True Dragon Sword) it’s hard to beat … a weak soul holds it and it’s a wrap.

8. Master Sword

Also known as the Blade of Evil’s Bane and the Sword of Time Used by Link in just about every Legend of Zelda game … supposedly the only sword capable of defeating the Ganondorf and his demonic alternate form, Ganon

7. Savage Sword

I had to include one of the Power Ranger Swords in here (There’s tons of them) THIS one is more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined … psycho Pink ranger found it and pulled it out of a stone
… it self upgrades and nearly destroyed the earth so … yeah, let’s roll with this one

6. Blazing Sword

I’ll be honest, I never cared for Voltron’s Blazing Sword … always seemed to be a cop out; who knows what it really does, basically the team loses somehow, they form Voltron … still losing decides THEN to form the Blazing sword … swipe swipe they win … feh.
BUT since it’s iconic and it might have some incredible power it ranks this high

5. Sword of Protection

She-Ra “Princess of Power” Sword. It Rivals He-Mans sword, but seeming has a weakness when the stone is damaged, it’s this high on the list because it’s almost as powerful as He-Man’s Power Sword AND can shoot beams from the stone, and morphs into whatever She-Ra needs it to be at the time.

4. Light Saber

the signature weapon of the Jedi order and their Sith counterparts The light saber’s blade cuts through most substances without resistance. It leaves cauterized wounds in flesh, but can be deflected by another light saber’s blade, or by energy shields … Another one more iconic than powerful
Lack of concentration in the Force and you’re toast lol

3. Sun Sword

Wielded by Thundarr the barbarian I would put this at number two because It knows no limits and there are no weaknesses other than it needs to be recharged if its REALLY been used … it cuts through everything and repels magic … its pure magic and plasma energy … AND it’s from the future son! (3994 A.D)

2. Sword of Omens

A ton of people would have this sword at #1, The Sword of the Omens wielded by Lion-O is retractable, can shoot beams and electricity, I’ve never seen the blade broken … AND it has the sight beyond sight courtesy of the Eye of Thundera
It can create force fields, create flames or ice … it can levitate and help Lion-O fly, teleport … the damn thing even held a planet together once
The reason it’s NOT #1 is because if you cover the eye (like with tar) the sword is a piece of shit … and if you use it to attack another Thundercat you get the Balthas curse and it breaks so … yeah when I can defeat your sword with mud F your sword lol
(and lest we remember the Thunder-Cutter)

1. Power Sword

Sorry Thundercat suckfest faces … He-Man’s Power Sword (or Sword of Power) is indestructible, cuts through anything, and deflects magic and bolts of energy …. it helps that it’s wielder has super human strength and “genius level” intelligence but The Sword has no weaknesses so it’s tops. AND On top of all that in a fight, He-Man would mollywop Lion-O
With that being said,

Let the arguments begin …

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  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    sorry, gotta swap #2 for #1. Thundercats HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • eclectik

      Phoooey! That craptastic “eye” is the downfall … cover it up or crush it and the sword is a paperweight! lol
      … not to mention that lame is holding it! LOL

  • Lamar The Revenger

    I can handle this list. Galtar’s double sword was more of a lance so it’s good it wasn’t on the list.

    • eclectik

      Thank you sir! and I agree … anyone else you’d add or change the order?

  • coako

    cool breakdown… i’m only familiar with the top 5 and i agree tho i’m a jedi…

  • Claymation Werewolf

    Another great post my friend! You constantly outdo yourself! Come on though…Connor McLeod’s Highlander sword; no. And Power Rangers Sword; yes? Can’t wait till your next article…..”There can be only one!”

    • Engineernerd

      Actually, I’d put either of the McLeod Swords and possibly the Kurgan’s high on the list. If it was just one, the katana version.

  • Claymation Werewolf

    Another great post my friend! You constantly outdo yourself! Come on though…Connor McLeod’s Highlander sword; no. And Power Rangers Sword; yes? “There can be only one!”

  • iAmBigBen87

    Dope ass post, but lion-o’s sword is number one

  • Brian Morin

    If He-man and Lion-o fought, whose side would Battlecat come in on?

  • Cassiano

    You guys forgot about Kurikara and the Blades of Chaos

  • geduga
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