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March 23, 2012

25 More Random facts bout me…for kicks

1. There’s been 5 women period that I’ve met that had everything I thought I wanted….
1 I wasn’t ready for
1 I just messed up
3 Weren’t feeling me like that/at all

2. I rather throw food out and go buy the same thing than wait for it to thaw

3. I think I’m a overachiever yet I’ve earned everything that I got (With Blessings of course)

4. I don’t do well with regrets so If I think or feel something I let it out/say it

5. Ketchup and BBQ sauce are the only condiments I will ever eat

6. If the reason I’m single is because I’m too picky then I’m going to stay single

7. I’ve only been to one funeral and one wedding in my life…not enthused about going to another of either

8. I have a favorite everything … I can narrow anything down to a favorite

9. I never went to the Second Grade; I skipped from 1st to Third; the school system, then wanted me to go from 3rd to 6th grade but moms blocked it

10. I’ve Never seen Color Purple or Forrest Gump

11. I ghostwrote an entire album for a female rapper in the 80s (not that she blew up just a local girl) and ghost wrote 2 Albums and did the music for another guy…just cuz

12. When I notice people are starving for attention I go out of my way NOT to give it to them

13. I really don’t like to go to restaurants for Breakfast…rather have it cooked and eaten at home

14. I only dressed for Halloween once in my life (and then I only had the mask), Never believed in Santa, Loved Easter Egg Hunts

15. Going out does next to nothing for me, if I have a movie Ive never seen, a new Video game, or things on Tivo I haven’t watched I’m happy.

16. I am capable of falling for someone without seeing them/meeting them first

17. Every time I do go out I realize why I don’t go out and I typically don’t enjoy myself

18. I find women with strong work ethics…even work-o-holics very sexy
…might lend into why I heart homebodies; you work all day you do what you have to do and go home, maybe you don t want to go anywhere…you wanna relax

19. I owned a pair of red Hammer Pants

20. I love to go look at home stores (Furniture and decorating stuff) that’s fun for/to me

21. I re read my blog a lot to see if any of it is bull and/or to laugh at myself…because I dont remember how or why I wrote some of this stuff.

22. I love just because text messages

23. I’ve never used chapstick or carmex ever

24. As picky of a eater I am…I love Banana Bread…I know but I hate bread…I’m a weirdo

25. I speak Hip Hop and pop culture…meaning when I converse with people I will finish a sentence or something someone says with a line from a hip hop song or reference some cartoon or pop culture something

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  • coako

    1. wow 5 out of how many in how many years
    2. i can dig it
    3. why do you say “yet” thats what overachievers do
    4. cool
    5. do you like a variety of bbq sauces tho? lol wow no yellow at all? i dig no white.
    6. single fellas clap your hands
    7. fortunate with that one funeral …weddings who cares
    8. cuz you are an overachiever you work so hard to fine tune it down to a favorite…i don’t want to work that hard
    9. smarty pants so what they offered you the second skip….i told you i had skipped 3rd
    10. you’ll live without the seeing either ever
    11. way cool…is the stuff online somewhere or what?
    12. ditto…
    13. i feel you
    14. what kind of mask?
    15. i can dig it
    16. me too
    17. aww
    18. what about work hard play hard?
    19. would love to see a pic of you in those
    20. too cute
    21. is that like rereading your own tweets or email conversations?
    22. your ways are so cute
    23. they both suck
    24. banana bread is close to cake tho
    25. you’re like a hip hop song you know?

  • soheavenleigh

    I so *heart* you for #19

  • http://coldslitherpodcast.com Classick Material

    You’re WEIRD… but I dig that about you, man!!! LOL!

  • http://twitter.com/chapmanrunner HeisenCor (@chapmanrunner)

    The world needs to see a pic of those Hammer pants. Instagram that sh*t!

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