iThink: Snoopac and Funk Claws

April 16, 2012

Its random post Monday again … so random thoughts

Great Weekend … did some shoppin, copped some things
Notably Retro 10s

The NBA was on … I just can’t bring myself to care …basketball is so wack now

That NeNe on RHOA is an awful unattractive, bitter chick
… that’s the template for most women on reality shows though lol

I think I’m going to do another “favorites” post soon

Shoutouts to JD, Lamar The Revenger, TimDogg, Will, Classick, Tank, Myron, Howie, Garrett, Rachel, Dave, and Tonya for the comments on the site and my posts … thank you for reading

Funyons don’t necessarily taste like onions, or Onion rings, but they do stink and when you’re in the mood for them they are incredible

Why is it a Manicure when most Men don’t get them?

It’s Hot and where is the BBQ and smoothies?

Peace to everyone that got paid on Friday and was broke Saturday morning

You know what I do? Everything I say I’m going to do

The eclectik discussion podcast is 8 episodes in and already over 1500 downloads … yet I swear only 5 people listen

The Avengers AND The NFL Draft in a matter of weeks! I’m Hype … lemme hit my Funkasarus claws

I do an awful job at promoting what I do online … mostly because I just entertain myself

Mad Men was okay last night:

Still hate Pete
That fight was hilarity
The “You’re my King” girl was sexy
No Fat Betty … wasn’t missed
Don is turning into a lame
I need more Ad stuff
What’s with the pact? Did I miss something?
Chris Hansen almost made an appearance I think lol

…. speaking of which The 1960s on Mad Men does NOT look like the 1960s on Magic City … I believe Mad Men to be more accurate so far

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Welcome Back Kotter Reboot yet

1980s Everything >> 1990s everything

I miss when movies weren’t video games … it was just acting and sets

Disney has the lamest unfunny characters of all time

FYI THIS is why you’re fat

If you masturbate in front of a mirror you aren’t concentrating hard enough

I imagine if Snoopy talked his voice would sound like Tupac’s

I have toys in my apartment and I don’t have any children, and if I did have children and they touched my toys … I wouldn’t have any children

On Words With Friends you KNOW people cheat

My Cologne smells better than whatever you’re doing with yourself

On Draw Something, when a person doesn’t get your word after XX turns, you want to unfriend them from life

NEW Object of my desire: Louise Hazel
Heptathlete … she has it all

Laffy Taffy had the delicious treats AND jokes on the wrapper son!

I’m the direct opposite of a foodie … I feel a post on that subject forthcoming

I type these for the 5 of you that read and the 2 of you that comment … and for me; it’s like a time capsule … when I get old and ancient (40, I’m kidding) I’ll look back on these and laugh at the randomness I spewed
… this and the podcast is the next best thing to videotaping me and watching when I’m 80

Hey, what’s the next holiday coming that I don’t get a day off of work for?

I did not have The internet until the tail end of college … so I learned analog muhfukas!

I will never understand why people care about pictures of celebrities and their children

If your Grandmother didn’t have a ton of these Strawberry Candies then what the fuk was she doin?

I look JUST like me

If Mr. Peanut had a dog … nevermind

Cuba Gooding Jr. Has an Oscar

Started watching that Revenge show … not bad; has its sappy holes but kinda entertaining

Breaking Bad is up next, never seen it but people swear its good …

Hi Louise

Yeah I use to watch Hee Haw and Sha Na Na … and yeah you never heard of them, what of it? Fuk off!

Shirt Tales is back on TV … not sure if I wanna watch it, I remember it so fondly

If you don’t have dual monitors at work, I’m currently laughing at you … take it

Guess what the next #EDP is about? I think womenz


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  • coako

    laughed out loud

  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    You better go back and watch that episode of Mad Men again. It was deep. And your boy Pete cant fight!

    Keep doing what you are doing E, love the posts. (and the pod)

  • Mr. Smart Guy AKA @MrSmartGuy

    I swear 89.75% you post exactly what I’m thinking. Sorry for being a lurker but I read faithfully…

    Some things to add:
    I really do miss those strawberry candies – my grandmother had a stack of those, butterscotch, Werther’s Originals (is there a remixed Werther’s I don’t know about), and green peppermints

    HBOGo is the best thing in the world to me right now

    Just got on the dual monitor joint at work – how did I live before?

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Thanks for the shout. Memorial Day is the next holiday.

  • SharePointJoe

    “If you masturbate in front of a mirror you aren’t concentrating hard enough”

    I knew I was doing something wrong!

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