I use to love N.B.A

April 24, 2012

Hip Hop and Basketball

Another illustration to how Hip Hop music is dead

Rap music and Hip Pop is alive and kickin it though…just not Hip hop Music

Hip Hop and The NBA has always been intertwined, look back to The Movie Wild Style…classic battle on the court
Kurtis Blow’s Basketball

Hip Hop…Jerseys, The Shoes, the Caps, and mad references

What would Jordan and The kicks be without hip Hop Culture? Nada…we rocked those Red and Black joints
LL had them on the back of his first Album Cover (Radio)

Some people will argue that Hip Hop is alive and well with the artists that are making music now…
They’re making music, and lots of money..things are just different…evolving like Basketball has.


…well maybe, it’s just evolved into some bullshit is all
…my case:

If you use to love Basketball, do you still like it as much?
If you use to love rap music, do you like it as much?

…I’m thinking the answer is no.
Remember you had different types of MC’s

Funny: Biz, Positive K,
Political: KRS, PE, X Clan, PRT
Lyricists: Rakim, Kool G, Big Daddy
Those that did a little of everything: LL

Just like in Basketball you had different types of teams:

Pistons: Bad Boys…rough
Lakers: Showtime…flash and dash
Celtics: Fundamentals
Jazz: Consistently boring lol

You had stars that played their position…they didnt do things they shouldn’t couldn’t do

Forwards were under the basket NOT shootin 3’s
Guards were at the top of the Key
Perimeter players were on the  … perimeter!

MC’s that couldn’t spit hard…stuck with the jokes

Kid n Play didnt try to make a Microphone fiend
KRS didn’t try and do a Just a friend type song
Biz didn’t try and wage a war against the ‘machine’

…and they didn’t copy off each other to sell

NBA, all the stars do the same ish…same games..some a little taller…little faster but what’s the real difference between:

…a few Rebounds here and there.

What’s the difference between

Big Sean
Jay Z
etc etc.
(as far as subject matter)

…a few millions here and there

Bottom line is it’s just not entertaining..okay AS entertaining as it used to be/should be…people more or less listen because it’s on
…just like people watch basketball…cuz it’s on

Who’s your favorite Rapper?
…do you really have one…or is it a lot of people you listen to…or who ever has the hottest beat

Who’s your favorite team?
…do you really have one…or is it a lot of players you like…or who ever is winning or the hot team at the moment?

You USE to have a fav team (Lakers, Sixers, Celtics, and Bulls)
You USE to have a fav rapper (Rakim, KRS, LL, Ice Cube…later Nas, Jay Z, BIG)

…doesn’t matter anymore…people pay attention only when there’s beef , when a new person comes out, or when Twitter tells you to

…just like NBA people pay attention at  the beginning of the season  or in the playoffs … or when Twitter tells you to

Cuz all that other shit don’t matter.

When was the last time a “Classic ” Rap Album came out? …a True Classic?

When was the last time a true dominant team was playing in the NBA… a true classic team

The Bulls in the 90’s … The 90’s about the same for Hip Hop Classics

That’s not saying that everyone that’s making the music is garbage…no! There’s still emcees making good music
They are just not getting the burn/airplay/respect/money that the people making bull is

…it’s like being the best player on the Raptors or something lol. You get your stats but no one cares or notices..no All Star Nods.
What is more entertaining?

Watching The Heat with Wade and Bron play The Mavs with Dirk and the boys


Watching The Classic Lakers Vs. Celtics Finals games …or Bulls  vs. Pistons Playoff games?

I’m saying the classics…good game play..stars at every position

Same with Hip Hop…you really rather listen to Lil Weezy rhyme anything over say.. Rakim or LL
…would you? Really?



Hip Hop music has always been a reflection of the youth…what’s going on, think about it.

Back in the day:

Street shit, political stuff…jokes, games, school, fun…intelligent word play…war on Drugs…Apartheid.


Street shit, drugs, money, jewels, cars, hoes…simple word play…dumbed down lyrics

It’s a reflection of the youth today…they just don’t know as much as they should/use to (as a whole)

We’re going to leave the future to THESE guys? The people that enjoy THIS music?

Not really…the people making the music aren’t trying to hit college and prepare for after music (They’ll just produce)
…the people listening may be IN college, but they’re too busy trying to be like the people making the music than pay attention to what matters

Remember when you would have a poster on your wall of your fav. player?
Remember when you would have a poster on your wall of your favorite rapper?

I dunno
Clearly I’m a hater…and I’m just too old to enjoy the Rap music for what it is, but damn, how you outgrow a sport?

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  • http://pops3284@twitter.com pops3284

    Expansion killed the nba a little to me. Even though it gave us the heat, and grizz, it also gave us the raptors and bobcats who are not needed. Also Ihtink the 90’s hurt ball a little too. We as fans now expect every superstar to be jordan, and forget that worthy, kareem, parish,mchale,dj, andrew toney, microwave etc etc were all stars but the 2nd or 3rd star on a team. It has now led to guys who should be really good 2nd or 3rd pieces(eliis and jennings,iggy,stat,granger,gay) and push them to be #1. And we shame them if they dont want to, or cant live up to being a #1 guy. Like iggy would be a great # 3 guy shutdown defender, on a great team in the 80 or even the early 90’s. Now he’s a #1 by default on a middling playoff team.
    Also a big part is the death of the pivot big man. That is where the 1-and done has hurt bball the most. there are as many polished big men like Robinson, ewing, hakeem, karrem, parish,mchale,smits,shaq. etc.etc. is bynum, al jefferson, the gasols zach randolph, and the rest play 15 ft and out

  • Garrett Rowe

    You’re consistent with your NBA hate. But I love it still. The teams, the rivalries, the PLAYOFFS. I’m completely amped. The game is different, but not worse. You can’t look at a guy’s position and immediately know what he’s good at. Westbrook and Paul both play the point, but they have entirely different skill sets. Just like Magic, and Zeke did. In my eyes, teams do have identities. You have the high scoring, no defense teams (Suns, Knicks, Warriors), you have the teams that put a premium on defense (Bulls, Celts, Heat). The Lakers have Kobe plus 2 premium bigs. I couldnt be more fired up to see a Mavs/Thunder series, or a Heat/Knicks series.

    You’re right about rap though, it’s anus.

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