iRemember – Triple F.A.T

April 30, 2012

I remember when…

We chased down the Ice cream truck screamin stop!
Got me a Chocolate éclair Moms a cherry Bombpop

American Gladiators
There was no such thing as haters
Worst tasting thing was Chocolate Now & Laters

We played Jacks, girls slapped hands playin slide
If you were hurt had to see blood before you cried

Girls had Baby Alive and Hello Kitty
Use to rock with Transformers The GoBots were shitty

Electric Battleship, I never got to play it
Candy Man 3 times you were dared to say it

Inspector Gadget
Red and Black Jordan Sneakers
Elmers Glue, Tubs of Paste and Trapper Keepers

Drug Dealers and Beepers

Power Wheels, fashion Plates
Hair Bear Bunch, Thundarr and Grape Ape

Furskins, Fuzzy Stickers Glo Friends
The Smell Good pencils and the multi-colored pens

Sleep on the phone like “you sleep? NO are you?”
When you broke up you were either “fired” or you were “through”

I had to climb the rope in Gym, hit the top
Scared as hell to slide down, slip and hit the knot

Jem and Synergy
Laser Tag and The Littles
the Cookies with the smiley faces, called Giggles

Use to watch The Wiggles bought candy by the sacks
Kelly, Screech, Slater and Zach hung at The Max

The Group was Zach Attack, remember playin Simon?
The Triple F.A.T goose hoods with fur linin’

Beat it Jacket Red or Black 30 zippers
My Buddy – Kid Sister
Barbie – Teen Skipper

Chrissy, Jack Tripper Hung at Regal Beagle
Scratched up Moms records fukin up the needle

Didn’t have Tivo, You know what was cool?
VCR taping Videos after School

And I still got mines, just no VCR
Used to sit outside playing “That’s my Car”

And Punch Car, call it first; hit your friend
All that I remember why those days hafta end?

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  • Shareef

    Don’t remember chocolate now and layers,my favorite was strawberry and Green apple. Funny thing is that’s the EXACT trapper keeper that I ad. And I know I wasn’t the only one with go bots … There aren’t many better names than Cy-Kill and that manical girl Car Crash

  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    “If you were hurt had to see blood before you cried”
    The only pass at a free cry in front of your friends. And even then, no sobbing.

  • 12kyle

    You went WAYYYYYY back with this one!

    I remember the Trapper Keeper like it was yesterday!

  • Sheila

    The strawberry shortcake ic as better but push- ups were my favorite I remember buying frozen cups from the candy lady. I had a cabbage patch kid doll a nd begged my mom for a kid sister doll. And doing hood cheers with my cousins

  • Literary Marie

    **d-d-d-du-dun Inspector Gadget, d-d-d-du-dun Ooh ooh, Go Gadget Go!**

    Oh, how I miss that cartoon. It is one of the few cartoons I watched as a kid.

    For some reason, I called out “Hoe!” to stop the ice cream truck. It was supposed to be “Hold” but I picked up saying “Hoe” from other non-pronunciating kids. I would always get a Strawberry Shortcake.

    I adopted a Cabbage Patch kid that went everywhere with me. Kimmie is still sitting in an armoire in my Dad’s house.

    Yoooooo! You took it back with the multi-colored pens. I have to post a pic of those on IG for #TBT. Thanks for the good post and iRemember memories.

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