iThink: Grubby Caramel Corn

May 21, 2012

Hey it’s random thoughts time … so ima start typing

Weekend was uneventful … but I’d rather that than a host of awful events

I’m done with Breaking Bad and Mad Men back episodes … even caught up on Revenge
… any TV suggestions??

Pecan pie is everything

The Highest rated show is still the Mary J Blige show
… looking at the numbers I can tell what the people who listen do NOT want to hear on the show too lol

I’ve never met anyone that had Grubby

The only movies I plan on paying actual money to see in the foreseeable future:

GI Joe
… notice a trend?

Instagram is cool but useless

J Lo’s ass or Kim Kardashian’s?

Those dancing raisins were never as dark as actual raisins … dried grape cism

Tyra Banks woulda made a lotta dough in Playboy … 20 years ago

So if it weren’t for Under Pressure and School Daze … no Vanilla Ice?

I’ve been on like 6-7 Podcasts in the last 2 weeks … almost like I’m sought after lol

Non Double Stuff Oreo cookies can get the dills … FOH

Breasts with tiny areolas <<<<< I said if it gives you gas or make you have to drop deuces ... eat it on the weekends, that's what I do ... or doo What type of industrial strength toilet must Buffy use? I bought some rice and I’m afraid to eat it now WNBA is back, and hi ... I’m the only one who cares That wasn’t a bad slap Will ... nice

I had to cancel my Fairly Legal Season pass, as fine as Sarah Shahi is putting her with that new lawyer … ruins the show

I almost made a separate site for the podcast but I’m not sure how long I’ll actually be doing it lol

The REAL question is why don’t they sell caramel corn in the theater?

It would be sexy to date a woman who could sing … never had that

Sexier? A Video Game, Billiard, Chess playing woman

No more Kristen Wiig … she’ll have a great best of DVD

I will admit if the iPhone looks the way they are saying it will … I’m not getting it and it will flop
… and iPad mini? Feh I say!

I comment on people sites … I don’t get many over here tho

Remember last time I got net burnout … I left the blog and stuff for a year hmmmm

But who set the roof on fire in the first place? I guess the only person not invited to the party

I’m still afraid to eat cereal LOL

Maybe this new idea will energize me … we shall see

Janet Jackson is 46 and still >>>>

Hey, what you doin?

Okay, so Ima stop typin in a few words from now

Alls I know is the Pop Locking whilst in the bed is E.P.I.C

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  • 12kyle

    Good post!

    6 or 7 podcasts in a week? You’ve blown up

    Penny Gordon sho look good

    I think we know why the Mary podcast was the highest rates…it was b/c of your cohost. What’s his name?

    keep the podcasts coming. Eff the ratings…do it for tha love

  • Will

    See, Instagram is great when you’re a participant. You gotta take the pics you’re posting. A lot of people (ahem) post pics that they find. That’s what Tumblr’s for. Instagram’s more interactive. I don’t wanna see tight ab pics unless you took the pic of that chick with your iPhone. Anything else is cheating.

    And you like them teacup saucer areolas, huh? Looking like they came out of an old National Geographic?

  • msdailey

    J Lo or Kim???
    Neither How about ME!!! 😉

    What happened with you and cereal???

    Janet is beautiful & Awesome, can’t wait to him my 40s!

    See…. I comment!! 🙂


    I am still laughing at the person who wasn’t invited to the party setting the roof on fire…damn salty people!!

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