Mi5: Now & Laters Flavors

May 29, 2012

As heard on EDP01 – Did Mary J BLige Kill R&B

The Top 5 Now & Later Flavors of all time … this is back when new flavors dropped every few weeks like Jordans and the Now&Laters were in their original size AND in the white wax paper!

5. Bubble Gum
Great alternative to actual gum when it dropped … tasted and smelled just like bubble gum

4. Strawberry
Classic Flavor, better than Cherry, Grape, Orange and Lemon … the BEST in the summer when they get real soft.

3. Tropical Punch
OG Hood Flavor … eat those in punches and turn your tongue colors

2. Mystery Mix
Incredible invention … half Lime and Half Grape? No one knew … they never told, the Now and Later was split to two colors neon and purple; Delicious!

1. Rainbow
THE Flavor … came after Mystery Mix … half Banana half raspberry? Half Tropical punch? No one knew either, but In the Summer time it got no better!

That’s the list … listen to show if you haven’t yet

Special shoutouts to:

Tropical Lemonade
Banana/Strawberry split
and Taco Salad … YES there was a Taco Salad Now & Later



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  • http://www.boissuq.com/ Keli

    Why would anyone eat a taco flavored… *winces* at the thought.

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