EDP20 – WCW Nitro 1000 w/ @KHoltJr

August 2, 2012

WCW Nitro – Where the Big Boys Play!

In reaction to the recent RAW 1000 THIS show revolves around the Leader in the 90s Monday Night Wrestling Wars …

Favorite Wrestlers from the NWA and the WCW Era
Favorite Tag Teams
Best Rivalries

The Episode starts off with eclectik’s childhood bed and another dream

This week’s featured guest is Keith Holt Jr (@KHoltJr) from Ringtime Pro Wrestling

He and I discuss NWA/WCW and Nitro days including …

Overrated Wrestlers
Underrated Wrestlers
Worst Gimmicks Ever

From Ric Flair and the Horsemen to The Shockmaster to Juvi Juice to The NITRO GIRLS!

Of Course the Fifth is represented, featuring F, Marry, Kill and Wrinkles!



Click the image


Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Nitro, RAW, The NWO, The NWO B Team, Ric Flair, Mascots, Armbar, Eddie, Chris Benoit, Juvi Juice, Lance Storm, Vince, Bichoff, Face, Stuff, Attitude Era, The Outsides, Gimmicks, Oz, The Yeti, Vince Russo, Breech Babies, The Flock, Mortal Kombat, Raven, Robocop, Sting, Bash at the Beach, Clash of Champions, PPV, Free TV, Goldberg, The Wolfpack, Degeneration X, Stone Cold, Rock, Video Games, Super Heros, Ready to Rumble, The Nitro Girls, Great Muta, Cruiserweights, Super Calo, Buff, Rick Rude, Lex Luger, The Mall of america, Shockmaster, Misfits in Action, Finger poke of Doom, Doom, Freebirds, Midnight Express, Rock and Roll Xpress, Earnest the cat Miller, Vampiro, and much more!

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  • Mike C

    Even when it got bad, WCW still came off as entertaining (even if it was for the wrong reasons)

    Mike Awesome had a gimmick where his whole character was based around the fact that he was into fat chicks.

    And my favorite bad announcer, Stevie Ray. This dude would hit you upside the head with the slapjack (like a sock full of coins) if you got too close to the announce table and interfere while he conducting his business. None of that, I’ll just move back and let you throw all my shit off the table and put your opponent through it nonsense. The man took pride in his job. He called a dude a “sad, sack-ass fruit booty” and he said Meng “looks like a fish eating chump from Gilligan’s island.” He disliked women being ringside, referring to them as “yaks”. And he had his own interview segment called “Suckas gots to know”. A top shelf entertainer. I wish he was still in the business.

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