The 7 Worst TV Wives

August 6, 2012

Because I’m constantly doing lists (And I watcha ton of TV) I decided I’d do another one … today’s list: The 7 Worst TV Wives lol I had planed to do the Top 5 on the last segment of an upcoming #EDP but, I figured why not do it on the site … especially after some TV watching over the weekend I’m going for Dreadful, unappreciative, sneaky, slimy, unmarryable, and just we want them dead; over unattractive or not fun to watch lol
Yadda yadda yadda … here is the list, feel free to disagree and comment

Let’s get it!

7. Wilma Flintstone

Wilma Flintstone is emotionally abusive and ungrateful lol
She always threw tantrums when she didn’t get what she wanted, she beat up her husband on multiple occasions when she didn’t get what she wanted OR when her husband did something she didn’t agree with
… She even bites his fingers when he points at her lol
Argues over any and everything, and what’s worse is while having NO job at all, constantly spend Fred’s money with reckless abandon and Charges up his card with her buddy Betty

6. Roseanne Conner

Who’d marry this woman … on purpose? Dan HAD to have lost a bet
Roseanne Conner is loud, bossy, and all around annoying. She constantly tries to control the life of her husband, children, and her sister … even her co workers
She cannot keep a job, quits them constantly without a backup plan (While having 3-4 children to support)
What’s worse is she made up half her life story while writing a book LOL (awful finale)

5. Susie Greene

Loud, Awful temper
Blames everyone else for her problems
Extra disrespectful to her husband, calls him fat, and dumb, and lazy, etc.

This is a bitter bitter woman … I have to believe the only reason Jeff married her is because she was pregnant … or she browbeated him into it
She’s louder than Roseanne and has the worst temper ever
Curses constantly at her husband and friends (Calls her husband a Fat fuck or a four eyed fuck on the regular)
So disrespectful … blames everyone else for her troubles, puts people in awful situations, and takes no responsibility for anything

4. Carmela Soprano

The case against Carmela:

  • Constantly complains about her husband’s dealings knowing what she married into
  • Agreed to let her husband cheat yet searches out for the identity of the women then gets mad when she finds them
  • Vilifies her husband for what he does yet uses his profession to intimidate others when it suits her
  • Sacrifices her children’s welfare for the spoils of what her husband provides
  • Leaned on a woman to write a letter of recommendation for her daughter to go to college
  • Only sexes her husband when he bought her something or his birthday
  • Tried to cheat on her husband with a priest
  • Wanted to cheat on her husband with a painter
  • Smanged her sons counselor
  • Got back with her husband only because he bought her a house

3. Betty Draper

The case against Betty:

  • She’s a Boring, negative, dreadful woman
  • Searched through her husband’s things
  • Jumps to conclusions and argues even when she’s wrong
  • Throws tantrums
  • Kicks her husband out of the house on a whelm
  • Made her husband sleep on the guestroom floor of her parents’ house after her father had a stroke … but then smangs him on the floor?
  • …AFTERWARDS when they get home she asks her husband to leave the house again
  • While pregnant cheats on her husband with some random … then asks her husband to come home?
  • She stayed in the house that she lost in the divorce
  • Snitched to her daughter about her ex-husband (her fathers) secrets trying to poison her against him

2. Skyler White

The case against Skyler:

  • Got mad at her husband for having cancer
  • Goes through his things and phone records, finds out about Jesse and goes to confront him
  • Faked Labor to escape being detained for having stolen goods
  • Covered up tax fraud
  • Cheated on her husband
  • Acts disgusted by her husband’s activities while doing her best to get into them and benefiting from them
  • Smokes while pregnant
  • Just an awful human … no one wants her alive on the show

Special consideration to:
Melissa Gold (Entourage)
Maude Findlay (Maude)
Harriet Olson (Little House)
Sheila Broflovski (South Park)
Janice Soprano (Who is just an awful woman period)

BUT Our WORST TV Wife of all time and forever….

1. Sherry Palmer

The case against Sherry:

  • While her husband was president she covered up her son murdering his sister’s rapist
  • She destroyed evidence
  • She committed treason
  • Conspired to murder
  • She made a woman seduce her husband and make him have an affair to get info
  • She told people that he was alive after an attempt on his life when he was supposed to be laying low
  • While a man was having a heart attack she prevents his wife from giving his medication so he dies
  • After her husband goes along with her story that she wasn’t a part of the guy’s murder she goes to people to prove she was and that her husband lied lol
  • Helped in a blackmail plot to get her Ex Husband (The President) to leave office

Worst. Wife. Ever.

That’s the list … who did I miss … who is ranked wrong?

Hit the Comments!

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  • Timdogg

    I haven’t read the list yet, just quickly scanned it (at work, but I’ll get to reading once the morning dies down). Few quick thoughts:

    1. I don’t know who Susie Greene is
    2. Only shows I watched from this list are Flintstones and Roseanne. Which just reminds me that there’s a lot of shows out there that I’ve never seen.

    Good post though. It’s always interesting compiling lists.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    I’ll agree with that last one. What a BITCH.

  • el_lasco

    what about Judith Harper from “Two and a Half Men” ??? can’t believe any of these women can top her Bitchiness or even Bree from “Desperate Housewives”… Ari Gold’s wife from “Entourage” should definitely make the list.

  • Melissa D

    I am here to officially defend Skylar White. I hated her for a minute as well but then I thought about it. She was mad because he lied and then got involved in a very dangerous illegal business. I mean it takes a certain amount of ‘wtf’ to attempt the drug business with a DEA for a brother in law. AND then she worked and thought of things to help him. I think their marriage would have lasted longer if she was a bit more dense but nope. Also, she had to give that guy the money to avoid an investigation into their own funds. I will give you that she should not have helped Ted in the first place because but then we wouldn’t have the scene of Walter losing it.

    • eclectik

      LOL I like the defense! And thank you for reading … gotta admit she’s dreadful though lol

  • Mike C

    Glaring omission: Peggy Bundy (Married with children). Spending money Al didn’t have and then putting him down any chance she got. The man comes home after a long day at work, wanting to relax a bit, and this lady comes bugging him with what she saw on Oprah. Time to add that divorce lawyer to the speed-dial, Al.

    Good list. Been enjoying the podcasts too.

    • eclectik

      Good points … I didnt include Peggy because at the end of the day she was still by Al’s side AND she always wanted to sex … cant beat that lol
      I appreciate the comment and listening to the shows, i’ll try to keep them up

  • Mountairy1979

    Roseanne was the worst. She was absolutely dreadful. As the seasons went on she got worst and worst. The writing was really terrible. Susie Greene has to be the most miserable woman on tv. I feel bad for her husband.

  • Kojackdelta

    Great list E! I didn’t think you was going to consider Sherry,but great choice.

    • eclectik

      I appreciate that and the comment … man Sherry was THE awful!

  • errythingnice

    Susie has to be #1. She’s awful.

  • Karen Bradshaw Dyal

    I have to go with Deborah Barone. In one episode, she shoved Ray against the bookshelf, screams at him constantly. The I would have to add Carrie Heffernan. She is just a shrew.

  • Linn

    I agree with the person who said Deborah Barone. She is a total bitch. She treats Raymond like a dog and constantly calls him an idiot. She lies and she’s manipulative. She has no respect for Ray or his opinions, and she ruined his trip to the Super Bowl by being a whiney, clingy bitch. I also agree with her choice of Carrie Hefferman. She also treats her husband Doug like crap. She’s selfish, conceited, nasty and obnoxious. She too is a manipulative liar. By the way, Patricia Heaton who played Deborah Barone went on to play an even worse wife and mother on a show called “The Middle”. She is completely annoying, obnoxious and disgusting in that show.

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