iRemember: Falcon Crest

December 4, 2012

I remember when: 

We couldn’t solve the rubix cube; 
we was mad as shit

We’d take it apart or move the stickers 
but they wouldn’t stick

Madballs, Game of life, chutes and ladders 
And in Uno I couldn’t be faded I’m the master

Water balloon fights, 
Kendra? Had to nail her

Pick a number, pick a color, paper fortune tellers 

Kissy fur, Paw Paw, Chico Sticks 
Atari, Coleco vison, Neo Geo?


We used to play tag, and know what I miss? 
“Bubble gum bubble gum



It was Good Times, 
Janet was Penny Woods

I dream of Jeanie and Bewitched was good 

Moms watched Dynasty and falcon Crest 
Dolly Parton and Wonder woman had the best breasts

Root beer barrels, Coconut candy 
And the strawberry joints you always got from your granny

Capri Sun? 
Moms would never buy

Couldn’t sleep with the closet door open, I’d cry 

What’s under the bed? At night I never knew 
If the sheet hung off of the side I was through!

Puttin’ on the hits, Soul Train and Solid Gold 
BET’s unseen VJ Alvin Jones

Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain, that was the dog 
And you had chocolate milk if Cocoa pebbles start to sog

Ghost busters, Teen Wolf and robo Cop 
I had the fat laces in my Adidas shell tops

We played Red Light-Green light, girls had Hopscotch 
And we settled arguments with Paper, Scissor, Rock

Annie lived the Hard Knock, Punky had Uncle Henry 
Rudy called him Bud, but his name was Kenny

Voltron came out the toy had the popin’ fists 
I used to play Ms Pac Man like ‘aint no stoppin this’

Superman saved the city of Metropolis 
Webster had Ma’am and George Papadopoulos

Grease was the Word, Pink Ladies and T Birds
Lamar, and Booger, on revenge of the nerds

Never saw ET, my shit was The Gremlins
Had the Green rain boots before we rocked Timberlands

Wouldn’t play Jacks it was feminine
All of this shit how do I keep rememberin?

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  • Shareef

    Wait a minute … you still haven’t seen ET?

  • HowardtheDeck

    I was just tryin to teach my son Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a dish the other day. How many pieces do you wish? Then the inevitable inprov that came after: That-means-I-choose-the-one-who-has-red-shoes-so-I-choose-you!

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