Top 50 Sexy Females of Wrestling (Divas/Valets/Managers) Pt. 2

February 1, 2013


Remember the ranking wasn’t just looks, I factored in accomplishments and impact … and I subtracted for busted faces and long flat asses lol …

The continuation from numbers 50 – 25

24. Madusa/Alundra Blayze


Look, she threw the WWF Title in the Trash can on a live Nitro … nuff said.

23. Beulah McGillicutty

Beulah McGillicutty1Beulah McGillicutty

The main cog in the Dream vs. Raven feud … was never a champion but stayed in the mix

22. Leia Meow / Kimona Wanalaya

Leia Meow3Leia Meow

One of the greatest Ring names ever lol Raven use Kimona to replace Beulah and she also went on to manage the Varsity Club later on in WCW … only you come back with the Jung Dragons and don’t forget the X-Girls

21. Midajah


The only woman I remember performing the Steiner Recliner, the former NOW girl and Steiner “Freak” wasn’t around much but made her mark as being Sexy AF

20. Eve Torres


Former clippers girl and Diva Search Winner Even went from Ring to Front office as Teddy Longs Assistant … the 3 Time Divas Champ was Female Wrestler of the year in 2012

19. Chae


Former Nitro Girl and Former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, didn’t do much with wrestling but damn was she great to look at … and don’t forget the pop group Diversity 5!

18. Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme1Christy Hemme

Manager of the Rock and Rave Infection! LOL TNA Knockout of the year and WWE Diva Search Runners up was a Playboy Cover girl AND QB in the 2006 Lingerie Bowl

17. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly1Kelly Kelly

Extreme Expose member, Slammy winner and oddly enough only won the Divas championship once Kelly Kelly was a favorite of the entire male demographic for years

16. AJ Lee

AJ LeeAJ Lee1

AJ Blew up in really one year playing crazy … crazy hot, she had the angle that Daffney was made for the petite frame and pretty face helped immensely

15. Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon2Stephanie McMahon1

If you look at her in the face too long you’ll see her father but you won’t look at her face much, she went from nothing to hot in a few years … around the time Take abducted her lol

14. Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie1Dawn Marie

Queen Catfight not much else needs to be said about Dawn Marie

13. Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson1Torrie Wilson

The sole Reason David Flair turned Heel on his father lol (WCW) Torrie (Samantha) Former Champion; Former Miss NOW and Playboy Cover girl managed them all from Billy Kidman to Jimmy Wang Yan

12. Sunny / Tammy Lynn Sytch


From Tamara Murphy WWF News reporter to Bodydonnas with Chris Candido to The Triple threat (Bych) and the Legendary feud with Francine She is a classic

11. Gorgeous George


Never understood the name but when she made her debut on Nitro with Macho Man Everyone’s jaw dropped (and when that video came out … yes)

The Top 10

10. Elizabeth


The First woman of wrestling even if she wasn’t the first (or didn’t wrestle) she may be the only woman in the history of the sport that everyone loved … she couldn’t buy heel heat regardless of what she did

9. Kimberly Page The Booty Babe, Diamond Doll, Booty Girl

Kim Page2Kim Page

Lead Nitro Girl and The woman behind Diamond Dallas Page, Johnny B Badd, as well as (sigh) The Booty Man … Kim was the hottest on the brand for a while … even played Catwoman in that Grayson Trailer lol

8. Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle1Candice Michelle1

Diva Search contestant and Manager of Torrie and Victoria The “Go Daddy” Girl was a former Champion and Queen of the Lingerie Pillow fights

7. Kristal Marshall

Kristal MarshallKristal Marshal1

So Hot she nearly killed Teddy Long, Kristal has it all, Face, Shape, and decent mic work … never had the title but she was a Barker’s Beauty on Price is Right

6. Layla El

Layla El1Layla El

Diva Search contestant and Extreme Expose dancer (All three members are on this list) The Former Diva Champ is all kinds of sexy

5. Maryse



A Surprise this high but the numbers don’t lie, Maryse is beautiful and had some major heat in her run … damn near flawless

4. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus1Trish Stratus

Stratusfaction! The Former T &A (Test and Albert) Manager and women’s champion is a major fan favorite and damn fine

3. Stacey Keilber / Miss Hancock

Stacey Keilber1Stacey Keilber

The Former valet for Lenny Lane and Lodi as well as Nitro Girl (WCW) Her Legs alone places her among the best of the best

2. Ivory / Tina Ferrari


People don’t know about Tina Ferrari! She had GLOW on lock … former Godfather Ho, and Love interest of Mark Henry as well as Valet for he and Dlo … she got down with the brown lol

Number One … ?

1. Sable



No one was hotter than Sable, when the roar of the cat and the crack of the whip it, the crowd went Bananas!!!

So that’s the list …

  • Where did I go wrong?
  • Who SHOULD be in the Top 10?
  • Who is the sexiest period regardless of accomplishments?
  • Who has the best shape?
  • Who is the worst looking?
  • Overrated/ Underrated?

Hit the comments!

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  • HowardtheDeck

    I need to collect myself before I can formulate an intelligent comment. I’ll be back.

  • chris

    This list is a damn joke. Kelly kelly at 17, get ur glasses fixed shes top ten easily on beauty, torrie wilson candice michelle should be higher, stephanie mcmahon is all boobs she doesnt have redick face like some of these girls, stacy can easily be number 1……

  • Josh

    Yeah I guess they can be “sexy” for those fools who don’t know the difference between natural and fake boobs.

  • Bob

    Why is chyna not on the list?

  • matt

    the top 20 should be
    20. eve torres
    15.miss elizebeth
    12 michelle
    11 bella twins
    10 stephine
    9 dawn marie
    8. cristy hemmee
    7. tiffany
    6 kelly
    5 candice
    4 torrie wilson
    3 trish stratus
    2 major gunns
    1 sable

    • eclectik

      Not bad, but you missed 13 and Sharmell? ewww lol

    • Big Slow

      I agree with Major Gunns (hot like stink), Trish and Torrie all being Top 5 but Maryse and Angelina Love should be tied for first. Could watch those two wrestle all night long – and then some!

      • eclectik

        LOL I totally understand

  • matt


  • Bob

    What about Karen jarrett or lilian Garcia

  • Heavy-Duty

    Ivory is always my #1.
    I have not seen a female in Wrestling with a better body, yet.

  • Darrel Jetpacksam Eddings

    Sable is not #1, IMO that is Victoria.
    Speaking of Victoria – WTF? no Victoria?


    wrestling is my favorite game i like it .

  • Tim McCauley

    Whoever put this together really gets turned on by Men with Breast Implants.

  • testing

    I’d definitely have Kimberly and Elizabeth in top five, and Sable always looked skeletal and angry, she was over as she was willing to wear so little, but she was not numero uno.

  • Rhamir Mines

    Velvet sky should be in the top 10 definitely and Angelina love and where’s madison rayne the whole beauty people and also where’s ashley

  • Mikey

    Sable is butt ugly now Kelly Kelly number 3

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