Buffalo Stance

June 30, 2008

AKA King of Blog…AKA your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger…AKA Boss Blog…AKA Sir Blog-A-Lot (Baby got Blog)…AKA….


Women are funny with the “passion parties” and the penis shaped straws and chocolate candies…it’s all fun and good
See them at bachelorette parties and out and about in the bars…lickin and suckin on them…ha ha f’n ha Alls I’m sayin is
If men had Caramel Coochies and paraded them around kissin and tongue flickin em we’d look REAL extra pervy lol

Remember Dada? I had a hat

Mowf report…I’ve yawned, I can eat (Carefully)
A lotta rinsing…Dr. said I’m going to be in pain for 4 more weeks and then I should be fine.
…so WHO’S takin me out to Din din????

You’ll have to indulge me for a second…
This weekend!?
LOVE! The Olympic Trials were on all weekend…and if you read my blog (which like 5 of you do)
You know it’s like Porn for me…

I mean…

Shani Marks!

Sheena Tosta
Look at her Skin and her stomach


Hyleas Fountain

UNBELIEVABLE…eyes glued to the screen
…now I need a girlfriend.

The only women like that are on the left coast though…damnit.



Okay…back to our randomness

“What goes up white and comes down yellow and white?”
“How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people?”

I dunno, maybe you can judge a book by it’s cover; 7 times out of 10 you’d prolly be right lol

I want to have SO much sex with Tiffany from the crest pro health commercial

Tea light candles are the illest, and if you aint got none then you suck…so there

If I were a rapper I’d be Medium Daddy Kane

They say never say never…but Anal? Nah…Never

Have you listened to the Claudia Show? Why Men go to Brazil for sex?!

A woman with nice legs makes me weak…
…I lose all control and something takes over me.
In a daze and it’s so amazing, it’s not a phase.

Wait…When did Ruby Tuesday STOP offering chicken Tenders as a platter?
Guess who’s lookin seck-c today?  ME!

…put-put-put On eclectik and you will be rewarded, my blog is ever boomin and you know I just farted!

Weeds is the best!

You have to admit…it’s a different type of Rotation.

Wanted was a REALLY good and entertaining movie
Angelina is so damn sexy
Surprisingly funny movie too, I highly endorse it

Could be better than Hulk
…oh if you ladies are going to see Common…think of it if you were going to see SATC for Jennifer Hudson

I’m an expert in sex
…well expert in wanting some at least :)

Speaking of Jennifer Hudson (Whom I refer to as St. Lou-puhleeze), as much as I cannot stand her (everything about her) I DO like the Spotlight song…its kina jammin

No stankypants can win my love
It’s sweetness that I’m thinking of.
We always hang in a Buffalo Stance
We do the dive every time we dance
I’ll give you love baby not romance
I’ll make a move nothing left to chance
So don’t you get fresh with me

My hands are moist and supple…look at them go on the keyboard…go hands..get typin…

eatin’ is too cheatin’…the man from a orgasm!
YO! Anyone watch Wipeout!?
…I thought it was going to be corny and wack; it was HE-LARRY US!
eclectik recommended.

Okay people…it’s Happy time!
The eFL THE Fantasy Football League
12 Teams…11 spots open Click to sign up

League ID#: 89163
Password: The second 1/2 of my name.

So….what are you wearing?

Some people have to eat less…I need to eat more; ugh but I dont really be hungry

Mannnnnnnnnn I need/want a massage SO bad

I don’t read books…not my thing; I’m a movie guy

Bisquick! Shake and Pour son!

Had all 3 of the new Moutain Dews…not bad at all

It’s getting old.

Kiani Profit … Man I’d!

NEW Mp3 request!!!! Hey Love and Mythological Rapper by King Sun D Moet!
Please! My readers have not let me down yet!

Anyone watching Million dollar password cept me?

I wanted some sex Sunday bad…guess what I got instead? A smoothie
…I mean it’s close but…nah.


Plans are made to be broken, smokin…I’m not jokin
Try to diss me and I’ll give you a token
Cuz I’m the kinda blogger that can’t be stopped, and no matter what I’m gonna…
…but my mind say…

AKA Color me Blog…AKA Bloggy Brown…AKA Blogy Blogi Bloge! (Just e and you…Ooooh Baby; don’t worry bout a damn thang)…AKA

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