iThink: Triumphant Goodbody

June 11, 2013


You ever notice the cereal was called “Mr. T” and not Mr. T cereal?

Doritos were invented at Disneyland in the 60’s

I get annoyed easily … this annoys me.

Whiskey Tango Fart

Yes Sergio said what he said, but Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen also did this

It’s “No. I am your father”
… And it’s also “If you build it, he will come.”
Get your quotes right

Melted Chocolate Candy Bars are useless … then when you put them in the fridge they get all swamp thingy

Oh yeah? That’s why your phone flips open

Shirt Tales >>> Get along Gang … fight me on this, you’ll lose.


So Bill Murray turned down
Batman (1989)
Forrest Gump
Rain Man
Han Solo
And Buzz Lightyear
… Are these movies better or worse because of it?

Speaking of Batman, the sequel to Batman and Robin “Batman Triumphant”
Steve Buscemi as the Scarecrow
Madonna as Harley Quinn
Martin Short as the Mad Hatter
Cousin Larry as Man-Bat





I would’ve seen this 50 times in the theater! lol

Most things aren’t offensive, people are told what’s offensive and then they react.

My online efforts are underappreciated.

How long till Cena Hip Hop and Wrestling Cartoon?

Did Laverne and Shirley ever lock their doors?

I Like apple products … but I also enjoy Xbox … should I move to Sony with the next gen? It doesn’t seem as cool at all.


Coleco stands for Connecticut Leather Company…

I have a podcast by the way.

Oh yeah? That’s why your computer is beige

My favorite Muppet is Grover.


Stevie Wonder had courtside tickets to the NBA game … guess he was hearin the fuck outta the game #AllSneakerSqueaksEverything

Guess what people care about and pay attention to … the wrong things.

I’m getting social media, podcast, website, exhausted. I still like it; it’s just … not workin for me lately or something.

How about a Dora and Carmen San Diego buddy flick where they travel, explore, solve crimes and turn tricks
… Dora is young though eh? Well she can collect the money.

Don’t you wish instead of paying bills you can be like Double Dare and take the physical challenge or get slimed instead?

People don’t steal phones, you leave them somewhere and they are … liberated.
… wait till I get my iOS 7 update … you better NOT touch it either!


Bought me some Teddy Grahams Apple … you aint got none, so there.

I’m over here, doing this, what you doin? Reading? What? This? Cool.

I’m about to just bang my hands on the keyboard sdahj’a;’o ‘lga

Need the TV show Dream On digitally, who has the DVDs? S\rip them for me

Its Looney Tunes … but shouldnt it be Looney Toons? No? Both? What? Oh.


When does Night start? It’s after Evening but what time? I say 8:23pm

24 and Breaking Bad have more re-watch value than any television drama in TV history

Who has the ice cream?

… Magic Shell on ice cubes would be a good prank and a letdown.

Was Fraggle Rock an actual rock?

How many shows left? Dunno … originally I think I said 16 … maybe I’ll go 18, but if I don’t hear back from some guests I reached out to, it could be now.

FUBU sure was a dumb name.

Captain Kangaroo doesn’t get enough props, shoutouts to Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose, and Bill Cosby with the Picture Pages! Slim Goodbody!
… and Dr. Joyce Brothers for some reason lol


I hate when I’m eating and enjoying some meat and then think of the animal … then I go back to enjoying.

Why is vine a thing?
… I may use it one day with an action figure or something, but still … it shouldn’t be a thing.

Mr. Wizard would’ve Whooped Bill Nye’s Ass.
… he was the original Heisenberg


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  • Montoyis

    Yep to all of this, man. Well, except for the Xbox and Apple stuff.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    Slim Goodbody always scared the hell out of me. I think is was because he pranced around wearing thar leotard with his organs exposed. Also, E, I APPRECIATE YOU. Don’t you dare quit. Break & recharge yes, quit? I will be sad..

  • Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    How many shows left? Dunno … originally I think I said 16 … maybe I’ll go 18, but if I don’t hear back from some guests I reached out to, it could be now.

    lets shoot for 2 12 episode seasons, then you can do that side project “Clek & Deck”- make 6 episodes of that.

  • @davenappy

    Don’t you wish instead of paying bills you can be like Double Dare and take the physical challenge or get slimed instead?

    YES! YES!

    I bet we as a nation would be so much more fit if that were the case.

  • SharePointJoe

    Your random thoughts >> some podcasts out there.

    • eclectik

      LOL! That’s one of the best compliments I’ve received, thank you sir!

  • Howie Decker

    Agree on 24 and BB. And I made sure not to write the often used incorrect “Luke I am your father” quote in my Lukes list last week. When did that start by the way? Tommy Boy? When he’s talking into the fan. Did that start this all? Dammit Farley.

    • eclectik

      I think I may do a top TV drama list and those 2 are top 5
      You’d think not enough people saw Tommy Boy to adapt that though, who knows
      I appreciate the read

  • Count_Marzo

    I #appreciate your randomness and online efforts, Mr. E!! 🙂

    Madonna would be an awesome Harley Quinn. I’d require an in-movie tune from her though.

    Shirt Tales allll day over the Get Along Gang.

    I hate Apple products, all about the Microsoft. But everyone has their preferences.

    I NEED to try Teddy Grahams Apple!!!

    I also second SharePointJoe’s comment. You keep my twitter feed VERY entertaining with the either or’s, eliminate one of the four, and such. Great to see everyone’s responses and participate myself. Please don’t ever feel under appreciated. You are Mr. #Appreciation. 😉

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