10 Most Annoying cartoon sidekicks

July 24, 2013


I love cartoons, and I’m annoyed very easily; ever since I was little I knew this and it was very evident when I was watching my cartoons. Now, there were a lot of main characters who were annoying (George Jetson, Inspector Gadget, He-Man, etc.) who were annoying, but I’m choosing to focus on the characters who technically did not need to be there, who were not needed, who were there to appeal to kids but no one asked us


So, my personal top 10 most annoying cartoon sidekick and character add-ons

10. Penny and brain


More meddlesome brats .. And their own equally offensive side sidekick; Penny ironically is the “Brain” of the operation because she knows her uncle is a dimwit and will get into trouble … but hey, guess who also gets into trouble ALL the time?
I will give Penny props because in 1987 she had an iPad AND an iWatch … I mean it’s over 20 years later and the iWatch hasn’t hit stores yet … AND she had Bluetooth.
Brain, also smarter than Gadget, had a Wi-Fi dog collar … and there wasn’t even internet, so that’s tough too … AND THEY HAD SKYPE lol
They were still annoying following gadget around and where is Penny’s mother?
Lesser offenders though but had to be on the list.

9. T-Bob and Scott Trakker


These two were annoying just looking at them, first there was Scott who was Matt’s adopted son? I think he was kidnapped … because he’s annoying. No one else on the show has any family … or kids
… and Scott is always getting into trouble or almost killed (should’ve been killed) Not to be outdone he has this awful robot sidekick (The sidekick has a sidekick) T-Bob which I think means Terrible – Bot of Bitchassness
He looks like a garbage can mixed with master shake, and white fudge Oreos … I’d never like him, even if he had buried treasure in his head


anyway, they are stupid and awful; even the toy is annoying looking


Some “action figure” what kinda action you expect from that?

8. Spike Witwicky


Spike and his stupid last name that I couldn’t pronounce as a kid was annoying for all types of reasons:
He didn’t listen to his dad
He had a hard-on for Bumble Bee


He got used by Carly to get close to the Autobots #Catfishicon
He got to hang with the Transformers while I couldn’t
He got Violated by Hound


… They even turned him into an Autobot! (Dummy almost shot his father with Megatron)


At least the nitwit brought Soundwave into Autobot Headquarters … that’s what he gets for trying to be cool
… Stupid spike.

Oh, and let us not forget about Chip Chase … assclown.


Moving on …

7. Spritle Racer and Chim-Chim


There is nothing redeemable about these two, and the only reason they aren’t number one is because they are so annoyingly forgettable
This is the young brother of Speed Racer and his side sidekick chimpanzee

One. Spritle is a dumb name (Guess Speed, Pops, and Mom isn’t much better)
Two. Unlike Penny and Brain who try to help, this jerkwad accidently helps Speed and falls into luck
Three. They get in trouble on purpose; no one wants them around ever … ever.

They were annoying on the cartoon


They were annoying in the movie


Both should perish.

6. Slimer


Everyone loves Slimer, the loveable slimy green ghost, cept he wasn’t supposed to be loveable!
Slimer wasn’t a good guy! He was a scary slothy slotherton! On top of that, his name wasn’t Slimer … he didn’t have a name! Everyone knows he was: focused non-terminal repeating phantasm or a class 5 full roaming vapor!


… and he didn’t talk. So in the cartoon when all of this changed, I was annoyed … they did it for you stupid kids lol
The voice was annoying (Even if it was done by superstar Frank) … none of the blobs antics were cool or funny, although he was indirectly involved in something great

5. Gleek


The wonder twins get a pass because although cheesy, they had different types of powers, helped the Superfriends out of jams … and they invented the fist bump!
But this damn space monkey (Is that intergalactic Cism?) was the worst thing ever! He couldn’t talk; he made dumb noises, and constantly got in everyone’s way
Nobody liked him, they barely tolerated him … he was always going off doing something dumb, pushing a button he wasn’t supposed to, or just being annoying for no reason at all

He was MILDLY entertaining when he went evil


… never ever was funny once. ever.

4. Wendy and Marvin


Unlike the Wonder Twins these cornholes do not get a pass, they were the pointiest of pointless …
Why were they there? WHY did the Superfriends let them hang around?
So contrived, the girl’s father trained batman? The boy was the son of Wonder Woman’s stolen secret identity … stop it. Anyway,
Marvin made Slimer and T-Bob look like Mensa members … to add insult to injury

Wonder dog.


C’mon man! They had no powers, no abilities, were clumsy … and had a dog shitting all over the Hall of Justice


3. Orko


He has no face and wears a scarf.
… but somehow has ears

I hate Orko, his voice was dumb, gravity isn’t consistent with him … his magic sucks, and he gets into trouble frequently
… He MIGHT be more of a wimp than Kringer
… and THIS is who you trust your secret to? Adam is an anal wart.

2. Snarf


So his name is Osbert … but they call him Snarf … that’s like; Hi my name is Tom … I hate it though, call me human
AND I’m going to walk around and say “Human Human” after every fukn sentence

On top of that, he’s old, fat, and lazy … and a coward

Not to mention he turned into Snarf-Ra one episode … ugh


But no character in the history of cartoon sidekick addition characters has been more annoying than …

1. Scrappy Doo


The Danny Cooksey of Cartoons

Soon as they introduced him the show went downhill … no one needed him, we weren’t clamoring for another Doo
Scoobert was enough … I even got down with Dooby Dum but THIS lil prick
Puppy Power … TF is Puppy Power … DIE!
NO ONE liked him, they were all annoyed with him, he annoyed Scooby … Scooby only felt two things: Fright and Hunger … Scrappy ruined it all
I don’t even remember Scooby eating when Scrappy was around … effn Eff
The Villains were even annoyed with him … they wouldn’t even try to scare him, they’d throw him somewhere or trap him

useless twerp … shoulda left him in the box… and filled up the holes lol


Welp that’s the list, that’s who annoyed me … what about you?

Anyone I miss?


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  • Howie Decker

    Chip Chase … assclown HAHA

    I like T-Bob, Orko and Snarf but I realize I’m an idiot. I’m with you, I hated Slimer as well, but GB fans get all crazy over him. Good list!

  • Lamar the Revenger

    One question, was this list in any particular order? If I were to were to be stuck on a island with any of these, it would be Orko. Never knew the reasons why Wendy & Marvin were in the Superfriends. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me. Wonder Woman = I’d thief. Spridle & Chim Chim should’ve been put into Child Services. And seriously, what the hell was Slimer when he was alive?

    • eclectik

      Excellent question … seems like so old fat senator somewhere LOL

  • http://gravatar.com/dmariomc DMario

    HAHAHAHHAA i was gonna see if Snarf and Scrappy were on here and thy are ONE AND TWO!!!

    and i erased gleek and wonderdog from my memory, i HATED them.

  • 88bluedevil

    Scrappy Doo is #1 and rightfully so. There should be an honorable mention for Scooby Dumb.

  • http://twitter.com/SockOfFleagulls Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    I can agree with most of these, although some were occasionally entertaining and used well in an episodes.

    T-Bob is definitely annoying, but occasionally they got them right instead of vomiting puns throughout an episodes.

    Penny and Brain were the real stars of Inspector Gadget! Gadget was like a human T-Bob!

    Slimer was what every kid wanted to see. They didn’t care about any of the team.

    Top 3 is perfect.

    Snarf, we know your damn name!!! Why you gots to put after everything you say!

  • http://twitter.com/SockOfFleagulls Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    Not sure if he counts as a sidekick but Tracy the Gorilla on Filmation Ghostbusters…

  • @JuggernautLB

    Great list. I am trying to think of some others but Snarf at two is perfect. I really don’t like the new Thundercats cartoon but appreciate that Snarf does not talk. The original Snarf bothered me so, I wish he was the rat dog in “Snakes on a Plane” that the guy threw towards the snakes to get away. I cheered.

    I forget about T-Bob. Good call sir.

    I would like to add “Alpha 5” from the first three seasons of Power Rangers. I did not like sorry, weak robots in my cartoons as a kid. Do something interesting beside push buttons and have a worry speech glitch every fifth word.

    Great List again.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jacques.jones.754 Jacques Jones

    Orko’s actually pretty cool. Well, in my opinion anyway.

  • Meistershake

    Oon From Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Copper Kid/Seymore/Zeak the Beak from Silverhawks, Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie from later eps of Transformers. You were spot on with Gleek and Marvin.

  • Moss

    Aw poor orko. He was the only reason I ever watched He-man. I don’t know much about the others though.

  • rob

    Where is the great gazoo?

    • likalaruku

      Fred wasn’t exactly a likeably guy. Didn’t you get some sadistic joy out of Gazoo intentionally frustrating him?

  • likalaruku

    I’d like to add Wheately from Portal 2 to the list (games are animated), that blathering robot from Treasure Planet, Batty from Furngully, & that asshole gloryhog Pikachu from the Pokemon cartoon.

    Penny & Brain were the real main characters. Gadget was the annoying sidekick.

    Scooby & Shaggy were the annoying ones; if not for his peepants cowardly uncle, Scrappy could have ended the show in 5 minutes by ripping the guy’s mask off.

  • Paul Childs

    Uni in Dungeons & Dragons, Godzooky in Godzilla

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