iThink: $6,000 Corn Chips

September 30, 2013


Where have I been? Doin stuff, stop being so nosy … now read my thoughts

People say corn chips (like Fritos) smell like feet … this means at some point everyone has been around feet that smelled like Fritos
… maybe it should be FriToes

You know how many friends I have on Facebook? I don’t either, it doesn’t matter, Facebook blows.

If someone is pissed at you or annoyed and ask “You got a problem?!” …. they never really want to hear your problems, they wanna fight and stuff.

Pretty sure Strawberry Shortcake hides drugs in that big ass hat

iOS7 is mostly white … iCism

I enjoy iTunes Radio … iJam

No one enjoys Mounds or Almond Joy … if you say or think you do, you do not, and stop lying to me and yourself … douche.


Fall is the best season ever, great colors outside, crunchy leaves, new TV shows, Clothes, Football … I mean, it’s the only season with two names son!

Velma was hot … you thought it was Daphne, it wasn’t

Everyone uses those two fingers to get Pringles out of the can

What you doin? Reading this? Cool, thanks.

Look, when I was growing up we rode bikes on the sidewalk and in the street ONLY when there were no cars coming, this whole Bike lane thing was non-existent
and NOW these Lemur Taints are riding bikes IN TRAFFIC and stopping at red lights! Look, get the FUCK out of the way!
So I gotta be at a red light behind a BIKE? The light turns green and gotta drive -5 MPR behind a fukn Schwinn!? MOVVVE get on the sidewalk
And why are you waiting on a damn light? GOOOOOOO


Basketball will be starting soon, I don’t care; use to be such a great time and sport, I really rather play the video game

I think I’m going to get the XBox One … I’m also positive that if I do it will be the last gaming system I ever buy … ever.

That Naya Rivera is pretty damn hot.


So is Coulson and LMD? eh. That show better not be villain of the week … give us a damn story

You know, if Blossom were to come out now, she’d be Twerkin in the intro

… however if it were Six this wouldn’t be a bad thing

New #SNL started … I’m going to give the new cast a shot; I didn’t realize Freddy A was gone too

50% Lemonade and 50% Orange Juice … try it, its deelish.

I own a $6,000 watch and I look at my phone for the time 100% of the time
… I’m also broke, don’t judge me.

You should be able to digitally bookmark scenes in porn, you know that way … wait. am I still typing this out loud?

I don’t even allow my white friends to say Vinegar around me … eff that

Black Vinegar-L

My Twitter/Facebook game #1GottaGo has been incredible popular … so many copycats, wish there was a way I could make some Fat Stacks #Badger off of it

Do people ever simmer up?
… they Shut up, but other than mouth what else could you shut UP?

My Favorite singers are not the best voices, they make actual songs that I like … I think that’s how it should be.
Who cares how strong the voice is if the songs blow?

Apple hasn’t made chocolate candies called “Genius Bars” yet … good opportunity to charge $10 for a candy bar

Brownies … cism in there somewhere, but since they are good I guess it’s cool.

I find a lot of things to be stupid … Dancing, Tattoos … people.

I’m over collecting GI Joe figures … the MOTUC figures really spoil you.

Are they really Chips? They are more like Potato slices no?

Women wearing glasses are so the sexy


I have a Twitter account @PodcastEDP … it used to be a lot of fun we’d talk Tech, Comics, Movies, Candy, just all kinds of 80’s and 90’s stuff … for the past 4 months or so it’s sucked … kinda sad.

I think it’s time to reboot Grape Ape

You ever decide to go to work early or stay later to get some things done and it’s that ONE MF’r that decided to do the same thing? Get out!!! Shut Up!!! I wanted peace and quiet you yam bag!

It sucks when you have great clothes but they just don’t seem to look right on you … cept for ladies, you just take those off.

Hey dumbass, if the elevator door opens GET OFF THE ELEVATOR! there’s no reason to pause I’m trying to get on … MOOOOVE


Breaking Bad:

I wanted Walt to live
… find out the blue meth was a cancer cure, or chemistry up something, he should’ve been living it up in Aruba with the rest of the money from the Nazis
I wanted Skyler in jail … if they weren’t going to kill her, lock her up
Marie in an insane asylum, let her go crazy and gets locked up
Flynn … dead. If not, foster home and let him get beat up daily by the guys laughing at him when he bought those skinny jeans
The baby? Who cares about the baby
… and where was Saul?
… and was Huell still in that hotel room?

Jesse? oh the car should’ve blown up when he turned the ignition.

Oh well, now what are we going to watch? Oh! I know

Boardwalk Empire

… and those new shows.

Anyway, my thoughts. Comments? Down there.

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  • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)


    The thing about Almond Joy is I like it but given the choice I’ve got at least 8 or 9 ahead of it.

    1GottaGo podcast. You know you wanna. Make it short, 1 guest for about 20 or 30 mins. Throw out maybe 5 tops. Have listeners vote leading up to the podcast and save some of the best comments to add in. Maybe New York Seltzer would sponsor.

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