Do I Do: Big Wheeling Flatulence

February 4, 2014


Do you?

Remember when going Skating or Riding bikes was all it took to have fun?

Think Pizza is the perfect food? (And French Fries)


Like to play chess?

Fart RIGHT before someone enters your office or get on the elevator?

Notice that no one makes classic Albums/CDs/releases anymore?

Find that people look WAY better In clothes for the most part?

Think that now people get married just to not be in the bullshit Single scene?

Read things on my site but never comment?

Think the Dark Knight Trilogy is overrated?


Wish that Michael Jackson never got older? (or Lighter)

Wish you could find the opposite sex that thought and acted just like you?

Want every comic book you read to become a movie?

Find yourself eating the same things no matter the restaurant?

Get annoyed with Twitter yet log on everyday?


Watch Godfather and Grease every time they come on?

… spell everytime like it’s one word when it’s not?

Just want to be alone a lot but want people around on your time?

Like to clean up?

Just want to do nothing but relax during the weekends?

Want an adult Big Wheel?


Find zero things funny about Robin Williams?

LOVE yo mommas Fried green Tomatoes?

Wish kids would shut up?

Use Q tips everyday?

Think that as long as there’s a show or movie you havent seen or football on you’re good?

Ever wonder how I come up with this stuff?

I Do

  • Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    The Dark Knight Rises gets worse each and every time I see it. Pitch Perfect, on the other hand, gets better with age (and viewings) Oh, you didn’t ask about that. Never mind.

  • Brian Morin

    Yes to most of your questions, but especially to the adult Big Wheel!

  • Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    I think that 17 or 18 out of 26 are a yes from me.

    Pizza is one of my major food groups. I definitely read (and vote) things on your site and should comment more often. Definitely order the same food over and over at restaurants. Just want to be alone usually, but give in once in a while if someone has a fun activity in mind. The only thing I enjoy from Robin Williams is Mrs Doubtfire for some reason. I also wonder how you come up with some of this stuff. šŸ™‚

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