10 Best Bugs Bunny Cartoons*

April 15, 2014


Picking The 10 Best Bugs Bunny cartoons … isn’t a easy task … so I decided to make a caveat, No Daffy, Sam, Porky, Elmer, or any of the usual suspects can appear in the shorts … only one off characters.
… Because it would be easy to add the three Rabbit Season/Duck Season … Rabbit of Seville, What’s up Doc? etc … like everyone’s list (If they have one)

I grew up in the 80s when I thought these were brand new cartoons, it was amazing to me then (and now) how these hilarious cartoons 30 years ago were already 30 years old!

When people say they don’t make them like they used to, they mean these … I defy you to show many any cartoon that is still funny, if not funnier 60 years later, anyway … here’s 10 of the best quasi-solo Bugs Bunny shorts:

Bugs and Thugs – 1954


Rocky and Mugsy

Bugs mistakenly gets into Rocky and Mugsy getaway car … it ends up with the two thugs in a oven and Bugs blowing them up

Rocky: Stop right there, rabbit! How much do you know?
Bugs Bunny: Who, me? Oh, I know uh lotsa things! Two and two is four, Carson City is the capital of Nevada, uh, George Washington was the first president…
Rocky: CUT IT! This guy knows too much, Mugsy.

Transylvania 6-5000 – 1963


Count Bloodcount

Bugs lands in Pittsburghe Transylvania, looking for a phone to call his travel agent he ends up in the count’s castle … The count basically tries to bite/kill him throughout the cartoon, the best part is when he finds the Magic Words and Phrases and finds Abracadabra and Hocus pocus … then watching the changes to the count when he mixes up the words

Count Bloodcount becomes a bat’s head on a vampire’s body
Hmm, uh… hocus-cadabra.
the Count turns into his head with bat wings
Newport News!
the Count turns into Witch Hazel
Wow, I can do better than that. Walla Walla, Washington!

Baby Buggy Bunny – 1954


Ant Hill Harry (Baby Finster)

35 Year old bank robber who looks like a baby, loses his money down Bugs hole and gets fake adopted to get the cash back … Finster and Bugs go back in forth beating each other up … he ends up in a giant play pen in prison
Unfortunately the cartoon has been heavily censored … the original is hilarious

Little Red Riding Rabbit – 1944


The Merrie Melodies take on Red Riding hood, with the most annoying and funny female character in cartoon history lol. The spin is the Wolf doesn’t want to eat Red, but Bugs Bunny
…Funny when the Wolf shows up to switch places with Grandma and there’s already wolves in the bed under the covers.

Hey, Grandma! That’s an awfully big nose for you… TO HAVE!

Hillbilly Hare – 1950


The Martin Brothers: Curt and Punkin’head

Basic revenge cartoon when Bugs humiliates the Martins while hunting … it turns into hilarity when Bugs begins a crazy (and violent) square dance sequence.
The cartoon is heavily edited from the version that came out on TV in the day, the uncut version is on DVD though
Last time we’ve seen the Martin brothers was on Space Jam (Guess they survived the cliff fall)

Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears – 1944


The Merrie Melodies take on Goldilocks and the three bears, the twist is The Bears are aware of the story and planned to use the porridge to get Goldilocks to show up and eat her … they only had Carrot soup, which brings in bugs.
Hilarious gags mostly from the Papa Bear and Junior from the start to finish … including the “Where’s the ketchup?” gag Ending with the Mama bear being infatuated with Bugs
“Tell me more about my eyes!”

Rabbit Punch – 1948


Battling McGook (Crusher)

McGook is the champ and is schedule to fight Dyspectic McPlaster for the belt … its not even a contest, Bugs heckles McGook and he ends up challenging him to a fight
From a Brick boxing glove, to Bugs doing the commentary confusing Crusher, to a boxing glove full of horse shoes it takes 110 rounds for the fight to be over … and it involves a railroad train LOL

Bully for Bugs – 1952


Toro the Bull

Bugs Bunny not making the left turn at Albuquerque on his way to Coachella ends up in the middle of a bullfight.
It still tickles me how Bug just slaps Toro (The Bull)
Toro chalks up his horns, Bugs hides an anvil behind the matador cape, Toro swallows a shotgun and is able to shoot from hos horns #ElephantBullets, and one of the most elaborate Rube Goldberg set ups you’re going to see.

Hair-Raising Hare – 1946



Basically an evil scientist is trying to capture Bugs to feed to his monster (Gossamer), he’s tricked by a female rabbit robot to enter the castle…
There’s a lot of chasing and gags from Bugs pretending to be a Lamp, dancing, Gossamer being put inside a “Canned Monster” can … the highlight of course is Bugs being a beautician

“My, I’ll bet you monsters lead in-teresting lives. I said to my girl friend just the other day, ‘Gee, I’ll bet monsters are in-teresting.’ I said. The places you must go and the things you must see — my stars! I bet you meet lots of in-teresting people too. I’m always in-terested in meeting in-teresting people. Now let’s dip our patties in the water!”

Long Haired Hare – 1948


Giovanni Jones

While Bugs is rocking out on his Banjo an Opera singer (Jones) is preparing for his show and is being distracted and ends up singing the songs that Bugs is singing
He ends up attacking Bugs, Bugs comes back and blows him up … it ends when Bugs shows up as Leopold (Stokowski) to conduct … he takes Gio through a ton of notes including an incredible high note which brings down the house LOL

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