iThink: You too Grandma

January 20, 2015


It’s been a random thoughts minute … Every site (including this one) is doing lists … I’m kind of tired of them, but what else is there to post?
Oh … some of this!

Ohio State *ahem* THE Ohio State University won the National Championship (handily) … they are better than you and your face.


Every brittle I’ve had has been better than Peanut Brittle

Why is Sunday the night they want to put all the TV shows on? I have to work tomorrow!

It’s disturbing that this is the head down stare at your phone era … all text and tweet everything, sad.

Speaking of sad … why do people love sad movies? Like why do they make them? WHO wants to go out and be sad and cry? On purpose?
… Also, hey remember slavery and racism? Let’s make movies about them, go get entertained … but you gotta know your history?
… no you don’t, you’re showing the new people old hate … again, how is this entertaining?

Index, Pinky and … just the others; what did the other toes do?
… and okay, Thumb; and what? Big? Why not Thumb Toe? It’s not like that word means ANYTHING else

Why is it called Raw Dog?
… Guess it would be better than Ketchup Dog

The Joker isn’t my favorite Batman villain … its Riddler


Batman and Spiderman have the best rogue’s galleries … but whose is better???


Your coworkers are dumb.

So the podcast is getting … remade? Well the feed is updated and I’m re-posting ALL the shows, they are getting re-ordered … the OT episodes are going at the end, I changed the feed … eventually iTunes and Stitcher will catch up

Speaking of which, … because why not? People copy and steal my game (without changing the name mind you) so I figured, why not buy the domain?
If I knew fancy flash I’d try and do something special with it, as for now it’s just posts and polls … take a half an hour or so and go vote on them all … and share if you wish

I think if a person is murdered or severely injured because they touched someone mid-stretch … it should be okay.

Remember music genres? Good times … everything now is real poppy.

What’s that sound?

I have an iPhone 6 and a 6 plus, which one is better? The size of my iPhone 5s

Hey, you guys listen to the podcast right? no? yes? Cool … what topics HAVEN’T I covered that I need to?

Evernote is so great, what took me so long!?

Steak and Brisket … I could eat weekly


… with some taterz

I’m about done with video games … the load times, the updates … and who wants to play online? I miss playing with friends in the same room
You can trash talk and distract
Pause to go get food and eat
Stop to watch a show or a movie and pick it back up
And no lag or stupid cheating
… The fact that I cannot play my NBA2k game BY MYSELF without connecting to an online server is fukn ridiculous

This is SO accurate!

When I was in college a $5 bill would make my day

This new Silk character might be one of my new favorites

… Speaking of which, Marvel needs to give Elektra another try, they have no able female character in the movies right now and they could give a female lead … a NINJA assassin!? that could be one hell of a franchise; villains wouldn’t be a big deal she’d just go on contracts


I watch WWE RAW kinda sorta … it’s really bad though; I find myself enjoying iMPACT much more.

How is it that ALL the Smurf lop the same way? Seems like someone would’ve flopped it to the back or to the side

I’m embarrassed to say that ONE time … ONE time in the 9The Daddy Mack made me jump jump (uh huh)

You know what annoys me? (everything? … well yes) but when people talk about Rock&Roll and they do that dumb hand/finger gesture … put your dumb hand down


… you too grandma


If people pronounced Titties instead of Tiddies it would be much funnier.

I broke my Nike fuel band somehow, I’m not getting another guess I will wait for the Apple Watch that I don’t need.

Corn is the only kinda flakes we can have for breakfast?

Just seems like there shouldn’t any new Smokers or Drug addicts … like 1998 should’ve been the cut off … like who is picking up either like “This seems like a cool thing to do, I haven’t seen or heard any reason not to try this at all”

There’s a homeless guy who sleeps in the bank of America ATM lobby near where I live … on one hand it’s brilliant; on the other hand … he stinks

Hey go have some fun now … or comment or something, k thanks bye.

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