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August 13, 2006

This weeks show, didn’t have the stank of the first episode, but it was still ignorance at it’s finest…and it’s that all we want?

And the FOL2 chicks have made their way to myspace…lemme start adding them as friends now lol

Somethin is disgusting.

Like that is hideous and annoying

My NEW top 5 baddest chicks on the show

1. Beautiful
2. Payshintz
3. Buckeey
4. Krazy
5. Boots
They went on a Gond da Leeza?! puahahahaha

I dont care how she acts or how much of a hater she is,
I like that Spunkeey for real…She does it for me:
Why somone said “Tenderloin”…what’s Tenderloin?

That damn Nibblz…LORD

My dude be tearin’ chicken up.

And how realistic was the blindfold challenge, if…
One chick keeps saying like that
Another sounds like Tyson
And the quintessential Jerry Springer white girl that sounds black”
…was it hard to figure any of them out?


Only black folk can get upset that a person acting ignorant isn’t being real
…The like that chick is mad at buckwild because she’s acting ‘ghetto’ but not from the ghetto

I guess I’m the only one that thinks Payshyntz is pretty damn attractive

Krazy looked RIGHT in the cornrows

The ass contest….wow.

That deelishis shape will make you tear up, but that nose and those eyebrows scream Burt
..and what’s with all the keloid scars on her chest and back!?

Why flav come down the steps lookin like Grover?

Damn a whole season, a reunion show and 1 show into the new season and FINALLY someone says they don’t want to kiss dude after he’s been kissin the other chicken heads
…better late than never I spose.
Alls I know is that Beautiful can get it…have it..and anything else it lol

Why the disgusting chick try and turn shattin’ on the floor to a positive?
shame…black folk are resilient…but not THAT resilient

Toastee was extra low key…popped up just enough to hate.

Why something say she hope he doesn’t go for the ass and breast hangin out chicks when she’s up to THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buckeey is something else…mmmm

Wire is a lunatic…’I do want dark babies’….puahahahaha

I dont watch previews, so dont tell me nuffin


  • Sarccastik Rules!!!

    I haven’t watched FOL2…but i might watch it now……

  • Sarccastik Rules!!!

    damn..i had to look twice!!!!

  • Heather

    A hot mess is all I can say.

    And yes, you’re the only one that thinks Patience or however they want to spell her name is attractive. As if the show isn’t ignorant already, they purposely spell things incorrectly. You know how I feel about that.

    Ummm, Spunkee…she may not be on “Flavor of Love” anymore but you’ll probably catch her on the next episode of “Forensic Files” because she was NUTS!

    Keep it movin.

  • Alex

    Hey Spunkeey!
    I watched “FOL2”,and I didn’t like you very much!But there’s one thing I have to say: your music is just wonderful! =D
    Okay……uh…..greetings from Germany,


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