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GI Joe Random Thoughts: Mindbenders

October 23, 2012

During battles cobra and Joes had conversations from vehicle to vehicle they talked that loud? Seems like all of GI Joe responds to any cobra anything … Just coordinate a double mission on opposite ends of the planet Why are Joes and Cobras always in uniform? Playing basketball, dancing, on vacation … How did cobra…

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Pop Culture Battle: Red vs. Blue

October 18, 2012

Pop Culture battle Red vs. Blue, who would win? In an epic battle of characters in popular culture (who wear either majority red or majority blue) who would come out on top in a winner takes all battle royal? A battle to the primary color death! Red has some strong contenders: Darth Maul, M. Bison,…

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Wait. What? Tiger Toes

September 12, 2012

Okay so… What exactly is a banana fanna fo? …it’s clearly more gooder than a Me My Moe But is it better than a inny meeny miney moe? PLUS you cant catch no tiger by the damn toe…not even a cub And fuck hollering, it wouldn’t holler…it would kill you Inny meeny that on your…

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EDP23 – Leave the gun Take the cannoli w/ @fogsmoviereview

September 10, 2012

Today on the eclectik discussion podcast we discuss and spotlight Mafia Movies, Gangster Flicks … all Mobbed up everything! This week’s guest … Dan “Fogs” Fogarty (@Fogsmoviereview) From and The Title Pending Movie Podcast This episode The Notorious F.O.G. and I discuss mafia/gangster films including: Favorite Gangster/ Mob Film ever? Favorite Scenes and Quotes…

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Pop Culture Challenge: Icons III

September 6, 2012

Back again with Part III How many of these Pop Culture figures/icons can you name?! *click to enlarge* See you in the comments! Like this:Like Loading...

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iRemember: Gold Rings and Raisins

August 16, 2012

I remember when … We watched USA Network Cartoon express Middle school snapped Bras cuz girls were gettin’ breasts Rocked a Stopwatch, Flav clock and a Mets cap British Knights High Tops Gold Ring Cadillac Touched the side gettin the Funny bone on Operation The little red boxes of the Sun maid raisins Jabberjaw Jonny…

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Cereal Cism

July 31, 2012

What were our Cereal mascots telling us? What was going on back in the day? What were they on? Looking back, I’ve seen some questionable things about the characters that companies chose to peddle their sugary breakfast snacks to us kids The Trix Bunny I’m thinking the Trix Rabbit is on LSD he’s always hallucinating…

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OT – #EDP Brian (@BMorin54)

July 28, 2012

FIRST Listen to EDP19 – The NES Show .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … Join me and @BMorin54 as we discuss…

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Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (10 – 1)

May 3, 2012

Well here we are … Top 10 Sitcoms of the 1980’s … All time! I appreciate you sticking with me through 3 posts … I’m sure THIS is where my order gets the most scutiny BUT It’s my list (I tried not to be biased) To catch up here are Numbers 50 – 30 Here…

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Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (50 – 30)

April 23, 2012

As a lover of most things 80’s I decided to do a list of the Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80s This was harder than I thought because some of the best shows that were on in the 80s actually started in the 70’s (feh) SOooo I decided these were the parameters: The show has…

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Pop Culture Challenge: Icons II

April 17, 2012

Back again with Part II How many of these Pop Culture figures/icons can you name?! *click to enlarge* See you in the comments! Like this:Like Loading...

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Pop Culture Challenge: Icons

April 12, 2012

Lets have some fun … How many of these Pop Culture figures/icons can you name?! *click to enlarge* Name the easy ones … come back .. ask your friends … ask Twitter, can you name them all!? See you in the comments! Like this:Like Loading...

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Top 10 Childhood Games (Outside)

March 20, 2012

Back in the days when kids played outside … used their imagination, had fun there were certain games that we all played of course there are variants in the rules and names but the basic premises were world wide Amazing since we grew up in the days of no internet and expensive ass long distance…

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Name those Joes

February 19, 2012

Saturday post for my few small sect of GI Joe fans … Can you name them all? And Now, the Questions … 1. Who is the female G.I.Joe member that Destro is a far off cousin to? 2. What is the device that Cobra used as their first weapon against G.I.Joe? 3. Who is the…

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Growing up 80s

February 17, 2012

You know what we did? We went outside Yeah we went outside to play! There was such thing as “play clothes” Girls would jump rope…Double Dutch, hopscotch The fellas would play Tag, Freeze tag; water gun/balloon fights…shoot basketball, play stick ball Then we’d all get together play Red light/Green light, mother may I? Hide and…

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