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iThink: Cinnamon Ratajkowski in 4K

March 19, 2014

JUST my random thoughts … You know if you follow my twitter account (@eclectik) you might think: “He’s weird” … if you listen to my podcast you will know I’m weird … in a good or at least funny way though I did a show with Spinderella; I did a show with Kwame … two…

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Podcast: EDP102 – Go Gadget Podcast

October 24, 2013

EDP Throwback series! REMASTERED! (Tweaked audio … the background was too loud) If you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you … if you have; it’s been a while This episode of The eclectik discussion Podcast (WHICH is Also on iTunes), we talk Gadgets! Electronic toys … phones, and computers, and tablets, and blah blah…

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Do I Do: Skittle Peltin

August 26, 2013

Do you? Want to shoulder tackle your boss while he’s giving a presentation Check the mirror often so to make sure you don’t have dry skin on your nose Wonder why Jimmy cracked the corn Wonder why anyone should care that Jimmy did it Hate when people press the elevator button when it’s ALREADY been…

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