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iThink: Cinnamon Ratajkowski in 4K

March 19, 2014

JUST my random thoughts … You know if you follow my twitter account (@eclectik) you might think: “He’s weird” … if you listen to my podcast you will know I’m weird … in a good or at least funny way though I did a show with Spinderella; I did a show with Kwame … two…

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iRemember: Dragon Lady

July 2, 2013

I remember when We had REAL Grandmothers, they were old and mean Unbutton my fly T shirts and 501 Jeans Girls wore leg warmers cuz flashdance hit Jennifer Beals was BAD and  she STILL is the shit When that water came down? Anyway, I use to watch Videos and in Grade school I had a…

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Do I Do: Yeastie Boys

April 6, 2012

Things that I do and think … are you as random (or ridiculous) as I am? DO YOU … Look at kids act a fool in public and wish they’d trip and fall sometimes? Have a special place to hide your porn? See everything you want when you have NO money? Only give compliments when…

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