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Geek Royal Rumble

January 22, 2016

Because I miss Underscoop Fire’s 80s Pop Culture Character Royal Rumble I decided to put 30 characters together on screen … and the order that they will enter the event, you tell me; who comes out on top? Like this:Like Loading...

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EDP205 – Live from Teletraan 1 w/ @Rashanii

February 23, 2013

More than meets the eye! Robots in disguise! The Transformers Episode! (Generation 1 of course) Join me and my Guest Rashanii @SingleSimulcast as we reminisce on Transformers The Cartoon The Toys The Only Movie they made Some of the stuff Michael Bay did The Greatest thing that ever happened in life!!!! The disdain for the…

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#unappreciation ā€“ Transformers The Movie and My Childhood

March 27, 2012

Coming on the heels of why The GI Joe animated movie totally disrespected my childhood I realized the other important 80s property in my life/childhood The Transformers was ALSO ruined and done in by the animated movie in the 80s … this movie was SO bad that The GI Joe Movie had to be released…

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