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Office Restroom Chronicles II (Stank)

November 11, 2014

Remember Deuces? ??? If not…then click and read…DANG! …anywho. Well… Mannnn Aint nothin worse than getting up from your desk, full of “I gotta go” -ness on yo fayce Get to the rest room (Cuz it aint no dang bathroom when you aint at home) And as soon as you open the door the smell…

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Tales From the Cube: Strictly Business

June 15, 2012

“I knew I was the man with the master plan To make you wiggle and jiggle, like gelatin Just think while I sink, into the brain structure (dont sleep on the e) you see, somethin might rupture It dont take time for me to blow your mind” You know what annoys me at work? …k…

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