Dime Lines

Dime Lines AD: Intoxicant II

January 20, 2007

Please don’t stop now My tongue flips, hips dip Gladdening arousal, electrifying drips Sheets is satin, though drenched I try not to slip Takin’ sensuous sips Her taste is molasses Brown Sugar and honey, thighs clinch their grasp as I spy her eyes tighten Tugged sheets and she bites’em caterwaul she looses to the pleasure…

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Dime Lines: Nickname

December 28, 2006

  Inspired by her words Before her curves Her nouns and verbs Were never spoken but still heard Dime lines personified, out of the blue she stepped Tryin my best not to sweat her you know, quiet as kept Fuck that I’m diggin you I know I don’t know you well Well Your perceived personality…

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Dime Lines: Scrappy

December 5, 2006

Her smile fills the room, a wink my spine tingles Thinkin to myself ‘ I cant imagine being single’ Her Imperfections? Just makes her unique Flaws in my eyes would take a lifetime to seek She eats like a woman no frontin’ on her plate If my baby wants a steak, shidd she orders steak…

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Dime Lines: Familiar Fruit

November 29, 2006

Prince Insatiable, Sheets is linen, lights is dimmin Is why I love women, candles Vanilla Cinnamon Sip Long Island ice tea twist of lemon and We play chess; listen to the man sing about sinnin And the wind blows through, warm summer night Channels can’t get the number right Cuz we got a bet, woman…

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Dime Lines AD: Sheets and Streets

October 18, 2006

Her Scent is Vera Wang, mixed with sweet sweat Taste is stimulating Nibble ear, kiss her neck We sit chest to chest, her legs latch my waist Thighs on top of mine, intertwined in our embrace Her touch is dripped lace Fignertips, grip. The pace we move is indolent, lost in the moment Heart? mind?…

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Dime Lines: Catwalk

September 21, 2006

She walks like every surface is a catwalk Curses during sex, Minimal slang… Little raptalk That’s my dame, Say her name And the men gawk That’s my dame, Say her name And the men Hawk In her frames she looks sexy, shades or prescription Reads a lot of Zane and other non-Fiction Part interior decorator,…

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Dime Lines: Vixen

September 21, 2006

Smile is Ahni Luv, eyes is Lizzmodel Silhouette a French curve, “S” or Coke bottle Ciara thighs, Calves My DarlinNikki Some call her Hoopz I call her perfect in some Vickies Ass is Stacey Dash, No Tracee Ellis Mind of Pam Oliver she hangs with the fellas Some is Jealous, Complexion; Heather Headley Style a…

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Dime Lines AD: Throb

September 13, 2006

Pre insertion, I couldn’t be more rigid I massage the button vertical strokes of the digit Perspiration and organic lubrication saturate the pathway to consummation Truncheon permeates Stroke is rythematic Hands grab her waist energy becomes static Entrance emphatic, The exit is slow and even Bites A pillow like she’s teethin Muffled the heavy breathin…

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Dime Lines: Dime

August 15, 2006

Skin like Keyna Moore, Lips is Taral Hicks Breasts is Toccara on some Top Model Shit Hips like Vida…Naah, Hips like Serena Sex appeal like Eva, waist like Christina Milian can fill a thong like Mya And dont ask me why but Forehead like Tyra Personality’s Free, Alicia Keys Style Eyes is Badu, Vivian Green…

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