#Unappreciation: Asking

July 8, 2013

When I’m eating lunch or anything at work and someone feels compelled to:

Stop and ask what I’m eating
Why? You can’t have any, and stop talking to me, I’m eating…hump.

Stop and comment on what I’m eating like ‘mmmmm that looks good’
that’s great you admire my Burger, now what would look better is if you got your fat face outta my f’n food.

Walk past and announce what i’m eating like “Looks like somebody went to Wendy’s!”
Yeah look like somebody is about to be wearing a fry carton on they nose.


Commenting period….
shut your hole and go feed your face. I don’t care if you think it smells good, or that you had it last week
I dont like you…and I’m eating; scram

People that use “ahhhh” “Uhhhh” and “you know” after every other word…if you don’t know what to say shut up and don’t say anything, stop filibustering.
(Yeaaaaah…how many blogs you know uses the word “Filibustering”? I’m gangsta)

Old and/or white people that use slang and song references from 20 + years ago….see you and I wouldn’t want be you…you go girl…I aint the one…bling…Don’t go there! …fill in the blanks.

When people say “There He/She is” when you enter a room or they see you…yeah here I’m iz…now shut up…go sit down.

When I know it’s going to rain and I roll up my windows, then come outside to see that I didn’t roll them all the way up and the little inch of crack has my seats all wet.

When I buy milk then not be in the mood for cereal all week.

That every entertainment anything is forcing Beyonce down my throat…she iight, but that’s it.


People with strong opinions on anything…you feel one away or the other…that’s you, now shut up…they’re opinions.

When people use the obvious comment or joke…have some creativity

When someone calls at 7:57 or 8:50-something…they know I’m watching TV and my show is either coming on or going off…humps.

Not being able to talk/speak the way I normally do because Im at work

When people talk just to be talking

That People try and joke and laugh though doing something fuked up…I’m not distracted, you’re stank!

Getting my mind set on eating something and not having the groceries for it when I get home


Having a freshly ironed or dry cleaned shirt and it gets all wrinkled in the middle after I sit down or bend over

The fake laugh
…you’re doing a disservice to people…they’re not funny, don’t let them go through the rest of the day tellin the same suck ass joke to everyone…now you’re forcing MORE fake laughs
…and guess what? I’m not laughing, I’m going to look at them like they’re stupid and walk away.

When I’m at a fast food place and I see who’s making my food …sometimes I don’t want it after that.

When Football offsesaon drags this damn slow



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  • Lamar the Revenger

    Hey!! There’s Yuengling in that fridge. #appreciation I agree with a bunch of these. Great post!

  • http://www.rebelmouse.com/MontoyisK/ Montoyis

    Timing cereal cravings with fresh milk is a real struggle. I get it wrong all the time!

  • http://twitter.com/chapmanrunner Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    When someone calls during one of my shows, I ignore the call. You should know better. #voicemail

  • @davenappy

    On the charges of making the above food comments, I am GUILTY AS CHARGED.

  • DJFoodandDrink

    I don’t think there has ever been a time I didn’t want cereal. Ever.

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