EDP11 – Must See TV vs. TGIF w/ @HowardTheDeck

May 4, 2012

Episode 11! The #EDP gets DECKED!
NBC’s Must See TV of the 80s Vs. ABC’s TGIF Lineup

This episode I’m joined by @HowardTheDeck of UnderScoopFIRE


we discuss the NBC Shows of the 80s and 90s such as:

…Must See TV

The Cosby Show
Family Ties
A Different world
Night Court
… The TGIF Shows

Family Matters
Step By Step
Perfect Strangers
Just The 10 of Us
Full House

and More!

#TheFifth is back of course as well as My personal 5 … There’s even a FLIP THE FIFTH segment!!
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Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Spitballs, Basset Hounds, Bananas, Throwing Stars, Shimmys, Cocoa Puffs, Haskins Hog, The Movie Honey, Monchichi’s, Handy Smurf, Loose Leaf, Vanilla Extract, Molestation, Breast Size, Ferris, Wuzzles, Shirt Tales, Michael Cage, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Much Much more! LOL

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