Eclectik Selections (My Top 10 favorite women)

June 26, 2006

1. Zoe Saldana (1)
This woman just does it for me; Im a sucker for a pretty face,
pretty smile, and pretty skin above anything else (as far as physically)
and she has it. Ever since Drumline

2.   Denise Vasi (2)
Model, new woman rumored to be involved with
Russell Simmons I dont know;
I just love this woman’s eyes and complexion
3. Lisa Barber (4)
For as long as I remember,
Ive always been in love with women that ran track in school,
the Olympics had a huge crush on Gail Deevers,
I can sit up for hours and watch the womens hurdles and relay on ESPN (Especially College)
THIS woman is outstanding those legs thighs lord; pretty too
 ANNNNNND she has a TWIN sister! (sigh)
4. Eva Mendes (10)
A Night at the Roxbury, Mortal Kombat Training day,
of course Hitch Ive had a thing for this woman for the longest
AND shes about t be in Ghost Rider
Smile, stylethe complexion and those hips sheesh.


5. Dania Ramirez (NR)
She was in She Hate me and Fat Albert
more recently in X3 the X-men movie and The Sopranos
she is outstanding.very sexy woman from the Dominican Republic

6. April Watts (3)
The smile and the voice! Multi-talented ..exotic…
very sexy if youve seen the scene in The Tie that Binds,
youll know exactly what I mean.

April Watts       
Weekdays: 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

7. Eva Pigford (NR)
Must I really type about this one? Natural .
Shes damn near perfect.

8.    Vivian Green (NR)
A true test of beauty if you can rock the short hair or
the long hair and still look good; she has that plus a voice
AND that smile Eyes?!? (notice the trend lol) Look at that stomach

9. Nik Pace (NR)
She was ROBBED!!! This woman is gorgeous.
I liked Bre too but nah man; shes fresh! Lol
10. Coral Jean Smith (Real World) (NR)
 Say what you want about me,
I adore this woman shes such an asshole and
I happen to find her sexy love me some RW/RR challenge!


Honorable mention: Jill Marie Jones
So I have a thing for lips 🙂
She has my favorite complexion of anyone on my listlove the chocolate.
Again in the minority NO ONE I know loves her but me.
Ever since the first episode of Girlfriends I was diggin her.
Even when she cut her hair; she may not stay on the list long
 because shes leaving the show but I had to put her in here real quick she’ll be missed

  • wintervssummer

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